Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm just feeling blah this week. There is nothing exciting going on at all. I hope all this blah wears off before I head for Las Vegas. I think I'm just feeling blah, because, I feel so uncreative right now and I miss some of my friends who I haven't seen for awhile. I think I'm also feeling a bit nervous about leaving my little man while we are in Vegas. I know he will be very well cared for, one of my friends whom I admire beyond words is going to stay with him while we are gone. I am so grateful to my amazing friend for this too. It's just, that this will be the first time I'll be away from him for more than just a few hours. I know I'm gonna cry. I can't imagine a day without him! I know though, that this will be good for my relationship with my G though. Things are fine, but we need to spend a little time focused on each other and nurturing our relationship. We definately have not been alone since the little one was conceived! LOL So, I have a lot to be thankful to this friend for. I have to thank her for caring for my little man, the most precious gift I have, I have to thank her for being my friend, she is amazing, and I have to thank her when 30 years from now I'm still happily married, that she helped!

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cheerful cropper said...

hey laurie..i am so excited that i am finding all the BAS blogs!!! have a great time in vegas...i am sure rebecca will take great care of joshie!!! krista