Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why do I even try?

I am so not good at no spending challenges. Now, that I have not been shopping for scrapbook supplies, my spending has just moved to the shoe spending category. I picked up these really cute BCBG shoes today. I'd been eyeing them on ebay for a few days, and when they were still under $40, I couldn't resist. Too bad they won't be here in time for my trip to Vegas.

Speaking of my no scrap spending challenge, how is everyone doing that decided to try? I'm not doing so well at it, I had ordered a sizzix die for the large album cover and insert, and paid for that today, so I'm not sure, that whether it counts or not, because I ordered it before I challenged myself. I'll let my fellow challengee's decide. Regardless, I'm still not doing so well at it, since I have not completed many projects. Getting ready for this trip, just has been a lot of work, so no time to scrap. I'm promising myself 4 hours tomorrow after G gets home from work.

The little one and I are going to take Rebecca to lunch tomorrow! I feel like I haven't seen her forever, and I know she's been crazy busy with work starting and with the boys and all their activities....especially that baseball.


Rene said...

Love those shoes! Dang, they would be perfect with the tux for the wedding next week! Sigh.
Doing okay on the challenge...okay, not GREAT but okay. I almost bought some stuff online yesterday (a new monthly kit), even had it in the basket and then cancelled the whole thing. Yea me. And started to go to Memories after work the other day and forced myself not to. Yea me again..hey every little bit counts. I did break down and order that corner punch that is so hot. But I am still within my budget. The only thing that is saving me is that I don't go to Suzys until the 30th otherwise I'd probably spend a lot...and of course there is the Thursday trip to scrapdreams tomorrow. Unfortunately NO layouts done recently, I hope to work on a couple tonight.

Jo said...

Hi Laurie!

Found your blog link off 2 peas. :) I'll be visiting you here ever once in a while, hope you don't mind!

Hope you're doing well!!!

Miss ya!