Sunday, September 04, 2005

I wanna be a kid again!

I was reading Rebecca's blog last night and about her son's little problem with lunch and it donned on me, that I wanna be a kid again! Kids have such a way with logic, that it works in any situation! I love his idea, that because the sandwich was smashed, it was smaller, thus not as filling! This would do wonders for my diet! So, in the spirit of kids, I'm making my list for why I wanna be a kid again! These are in no particular order of course!

1.) Smashed food = less food = less me in terms of fat!

2.) No worries about money...that's what parents are for!

3.) Teachers are much easier to deal with than bosses!

4.) If I don't clean the house, someone else will do it, and the only thing I'll get is grounded!

5.) I'd have someone to cook good meals for me again!

6.) Daddy....Will you take me shopping? Please?

7.) Taxes? What are taxes?

8.) Nothing bad can happen, I'm a kid and I'm invincible!

9.) Everything is going to turn out exactly like my dreams. If I want it, I'm gonna get it.

10.) Brand new clothes and shoes for every season! School shopping rocks!

Well, here I am back in reality, and now my job is to foster this love for being a kid in my little one. Maybe I can find a way to make him appreciate the worry free life of a kid! Wish me luck!

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sylvia said...

i totally hear ya! that's my list too! throw in no mortgage payment or pg&e!! ;)