Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Doctor! Doctor! (the one down the street, and the one on the television!)

Little J had his checkup today after our bout with RSV. It's not quite over yet. He's still a bit wheezy, so they want him to continue his medication for another week. So, we go back to the doctor again next week. Thankfully, the doctor said he is no longer contagious, so we can venture out into the world if necessary. Thank goodness, because I'm sick of feeling like I can't go anywhere! Not that I really have anywhere I want to go right now, but just the thought that I can't kills me! Thanks for all the well wishes for his speedy recovery. As you can see here, he's back to his smiling self! He loves this little police car! He loves to just sit in it with his hands on the wheel. When we push him around the house in it, he just laughs and laughs! Unfortunately right now, all of his infectious laughs are followed by a few coughs too. My parents sent this to him for Christmas. This kid has more "rides" than I've had my entire life! He's got his police motorcycle, his police car, his scooter, and a horse!

Okay, so yesterday, I posted about who would have thought that I would get addicted to Dancing With the Stars. Well, today, I'm wondering how I got roped into The Bachelor? In all of the past seasons, I just have not gotten into them. I've only watched the last few, so I could be in on all the "water cooler" gossip at work. Well, since my work is now the previously mentioned Little J, and his bed time is well before this show airs, I had no intention of watching any of it. I got sucked in on day one! At first, I just turned it on to reminisce about the sights of Paris -I was just there in November- and I miss it immensely! But then.....The TV became like this vacuum cleaner attached to my forehead, it just kept sucking me in, until now I'm turning it on every single week! I'm so looking forward to the "Women Tell All" episode.

So, do you wonder who I might be "rooting" for? I'm almost afraid to say, because I really hate to admit that I am that invested in this show! Well, I guess since I've actually made an entry in my blog about the show, the secret is out that I'm invested. So, I'm actually rooting for Moana. I know none of the other ladies seem to like her, they all think she's faking, but I really don't. I also really like Sarah from Tennessee too, but I think that there is more chemistry between Moana and Travis. Oh well, now that I've thoroughly bored you with this...I'll say goodnight. See ya all tomorrow and I'll try not to talk about television shows. No promises though!


mare said...

You and me both! I think I've only seen the original and maybe bits and pieces of the previous season. Because this one was mostly in Europe, I was hooked. Travis and Moana seem to have a LOT of chemistry, they aren't necessarily the same but they do compliment each other more than the other ladies do.

Let's hope he keeps her in the running regardless of her family's Spanish Inquisition!

island girl said...

ahhh.... so glad to hear he's doing so much better...and how cool is that police car?! love it!