Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Today was such a beautiful day here! Actually, yesterday was quite nice as well. Just some warm sunny days to brighten my mood. I love the sunny warm weather! Today, the three of us went to Starbucks (yum!) to have a treat! G knows how much I love to sit out in the sun and enjoy a Frappacino. It doesn't even matter that he didn't order the one I really wanted either! I didn't tell him, and you'd better not either! Anyway, while he was inside ordering the drink, I decided to snap some photos of little J. I love how this one turned out! I can't wait to pick it up at Costco and scrap it! Wahooo! We also went to the new Chili's that opened up down the road from us. I am so happy that we have a Chili's so close now! We had a great lunch and little J enjoyed his first restaurant meal. Chicken and french fries! He also has a great love for their Broccoli Cheese soup....just like his Mommy! I think next time, I'm gonna have to order him his own bowl, because he probably ate half of mine! After lunch, G picked up the ingredients we needed so he could fix dinner for me, and then he stopped off at my favorite ice cream place and got a Valentine Ice Cream cake! YUMMMMMMYYY!!

I can't believe I was up so late last night! I didn't go to bed until 3am! I was working on the altered canvas I made for G for Valentines Day! I love how it turned out. I'll try to post it later as well as the inspiration that inspired it!

Soooo, the question that everyone I'm sure is asking...what did I get for Valentines Day......

I was spoiled!
I got a Starbucks gift card!
I get to go buy my Ipod Nano!
I'm going shopping for a few new clothing items!
I get to go to a Gotta Crop later this year!

I'm so lucky!! G is the best husband ever!

Speaking of how lucky I am.... I cannot recomend enough, the program Love and Respect by Emerson E. Eggerichs . I am so lucky that our church is doing the video program in our Adult Bible Fellowship class. I have gotten so much insight from the program and from classmates. What a journey! Every week I look forward to hearing and learning more!


marygrace said...

woah. check out the hair on that kid. :D

Michelle W. said...

that pic is way too cute! Starbucks card - you are a lucky girl!


Bonzairn said...

Awesome Picture!