Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Good Nights Sleep!

Wow! Yesterday was such a rough day. Little J was running a temperature anywhere from 101 up to 103. We just could not get it to come down. He was finally acting sick too. Very cranky, and very lethargic. I was just so sick with worry all day long. At one point, I got so worried, that I called his Dr. office, and while waiting for them to call back, I put him in the bathtub to try to cool him off. As I was putting him in the bath tub, he really started squirming. Next thing I know, there goes my cell phone right into the bathtub with him. Yikes! Now, there is enough water in that phone to be a nice home for a goldfish! Finally his temperature came down. After a full day of tylenol, coughing, nebulizor treatments, and a new found love for Gatorade, it was finally time to put the little one to bed. He went to sleep so quickly (he was exhausted), and then woke up with a stuffy nose around midnight. Quickly fixed that with a little suction, took his temperature which was down to 98.9 degrees, and it was off to bed for me! YAY!

I woke up with quite a start at 7:30 AM! He slept peacefully through the night. I had completely expected to be up with him for a few more nebulizor treatments! What a great thing! I got a good nights rest, he was a happy camper this morning...and pretty much all day and while grandma watched him, G and I got out for an hour and went to Chili's for lunch! Yummy!

Little J seems to be on the mend, he's still wheezing a bit in the evenings, so we'll see what the weekend brings, but he's back to his good natured self, and that was half the battle. He sees the dr. again on Monday morning, unless his wheezing takes a turn for the worse.

Now, about that phone for my goldfish. Don't worry, those of you who know that the only way to reach me is on my cell....I got a new one today!

Meet my new phone!


Michelle W. said...

So sorry to hear about the rough day. I'm sure the worse is over with and little J will be back on his feet soon. Hugs.


mare said...

Ooo, nice!

Glad to hear he's feeling better.

momofmany said...

Glad he's feeling better and I dig the new phone. I get a new one next week.

island girl said...

OMG...little J gets sick and you get a new cell phone!! LOL! How does that happen....maybe during Draven's next bubble bath I will have to mysteriously drop my phone....hmmmm.....

glad to hear the little guy is doing better....poor little pumpkin!