Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yada, Yada, Yada and the answers to my Truths and Lies

Just another regular day around here. It looks like little J is getting his cold back...I hope it doesn't morph back into the RSV! Ugh! I just had to share another smiling Valentines photo too!

When I opened my email today, I laughed so hard. Yesterday, G was talking about going to the mall, because there were a couple of outfits I wanted at NY&CO that I wanted. I told him, that I didn't want to go yesterday, because I knew if we did, that I would end up getting an email coupon today. Well, lo and behold, what did appear in my inbox this morning...yep, you guessed it a coupon! I'm off to!!Costco tomorrow to see if they have any Ipod Nano's left and off to find an outfit or two! YAY!

A couple of sucky things that happened too... First, I went to Starbucks today, and forgot to use my gift card! LOL! Second, yesterday, I had gone into the beauty supply store to buy some hairspray, and eyed a bottle of nail polish I thought looked cute, so I treated myself. When I got home, I realized that I already had the same color! Whaaaa! No big deal, I'm thinking, I can just go in and exchange it...NOPE! I'm out $7.50 with a bottle of nail polish that I already had. It seems, that the beauty store cannot re-sell the nail polish after it's been sold and the vendor won't give them any credit for it. I guess I understand it, but it kind of sucks, I spend a ton of money in there every year, and have never returned anything, you would think they would throw me a bone. Oh well, I guess I won't be buying any nail polish there anymore...only at Nordstrom, where they will exchange it even if I use it and hate it. I think .Sephora will exchange it too. I check things out more carefully next time. I did email the company who manufactures the item, to see if they will do an exchange for, we'll see.

DON'T FORGET! Dancing with the Stars is on tomorrow night! Keep voting for Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya 800-VOTE4-09 (800-868-3409)!

Okay, okay....on with the truths and lies!

1. I have a tattoo of a heart on my hip. FALSE!
2. I wanted to join the Coast Guard when I graduated from High School. TRUE! My Grandfather was in the Coast Guard, and I always looked up to him!
3. Someone thought I was little J's nanny. TRUE! Who would think that little blond kid with curls was mine! Quite funny that someone would even ask though! Maybe they thought I was so good, that they were going to try to steal me!
4. I've seen Regis Philbin in concert. FALSE! I did see Willie Nelson though.
5. I used to work at Hot Dog on a Stick when I was in High School. FALSE! I'm a Burger King and Baskin & Robbins alum. Funny that G used to work at McDonalds!
6. After my first french kiss, I washed my mouth out with soap. TRUE! Damn that kiss was slobery! LOL
7. I've lived in Oklahoma. FALSE!
8. I love Korean Dramas. TRUE! Why doesn't Netflix carry them!
9 I danced on stage at the Kenny Chesney concert. FALSE...unfortunately!
10. I was an Army Reserve. FALSE! G laughed when I told him I put this up! LOL!

So, here are the results!
The correct answers were 2,3,6&8
Those with 1 correct were:
scrappingmomof3 (1,3,7,10)
rachel greig (1,4,5,8)
hillary (1,4,8,9)
kristy (1,3,5,7)

Those with 2 correct were:
burberrygirl (3,5,8,9)
nikki (1,2,6,9)
becky (2,3,5,6)
sylvia (2,3,5,6)

And the only two with the most answers correct, with a total of 3 were:
lara (2,5,6,8)
mandy (1,3,6,8)

I got something for Lara and Mandy!

Thanks for playing everyone, that was so fun!


Michelle W. said...

Laurie, thanks for the nice things you said about the blogging threads! I feel like a stalker sometimes and wishing people will update so "I" could look at it! LOL.

I love the Korean dramas!!! LOL. But after watching it I'm afriad to ever got to Korea! Those trucks seems to come from no where and hitting people left and right.


Lara said...

Yay! I'm a winner! :-)

This was so fun...I think I'm going to post another one on my blog soon.

angieoh! said...

I totally do that gift card thing where I get some place, pay for my stuff and then realize I had a gift card... grrr! Love your posts!

Becky said...

I think I got 3 right? Unless I'm just that tired!
I KWYM about the GC! Sometimes I'll go to a place just because of the GC and forget to use it - ARGH!
And, little J is such a cutie!