Monday, February 20, 2006


So, I'm getting my blog updated a bit late in the day (which is normal for me). First things first, I wanna wish Jen a very Happy Birthday! Hope all your birthday wishies come true!!! Enjoy your Birthday Month!

Yep! I said it, I said BIRTHDAY MONTH! I think that everyone should celebrate their birthday for the entire month! Afterall, when you were born, during that first month, don't you think your parents celebrated your new life every day! You should hang on to that tradition! Enjoy!

I also want to thank everyone who sent prayers for the family of Officer Scott of the CHP. I get very emotional when stories of officers killed in the line of duty come out. It just reminds you of the reality of the sacrifice these officers have the potential of making everytime they go to work. I am so thankful that the person who did this has been caught.

Something I was thinking about today when I was watching a news story about the officer shooting. They were interviewing friends and neighbors of the suspect who was arrested for the shooting, and they were all saying, how they couldn't believe that he had done it, because he was such a caring individual and so good natured, he always had his kids with him, and he was "getting straight". Then the news reports, that he has priors for violence with other officers. Um...this makes no sense to me.

In other news, I am totally ADDICTED to uploading music onto my Ipod! Now, G has decided that he wants one in the near future too. ;)

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island girl said...

awww...thank you sweetie!! and yes a bday month is always a good thing!! lol! especially when it involves scrappy supplies guilt free!!!