Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random Blog Challenge for Tuesday!

So, burberrygirl posted this random challenge on Two Peas

Name 5 of your favorite garden girls and why they are your favorites.

1. Mary Grace Abuzman: This girl is just so talented! Her work is amazing, and I'm lucky enough to know her IRL! Little J will know her as Auntie Grace! Her layouts are beautiful, creative, and often times thought provoking. Her photos say a million things, and then her layout says something you hadn't even thought of!

2. Lisa Brown Caveney: Another garden girl that I'm lucky enough to know and to have scrapped with! Actually, Lisa is one of the first scrappers I met when I started going to the The Garage. I love her clean lines, and her amazing photos! Her perfect handwriting and thoughtful journaling are great too!

3. Carrie Colbert: I've always been a big fan of Carrie's. I love how she uses bright colors and her layouts always convey tons of happiness.

4. Joy Uzarraga : I'm just always drawn to her layouts.

5. Mellette Berezoski : Another Garden Girl, that I always just look at her layouts and go WOW!


em said...

Thanks for sharing your faves! I'd have to go back through and look through all the galleries to pick mine! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

sylvia said...

great picks...maybe i'll post my faves on my blog tonight...can't wait to scrap again, maybe i'll have to lift them too!! ;)

Corina said...

Cool picks! They ALMOST make me want to scrap again!

Michelle W. said...

thanks for playing! I love Mellette! She is amazing!