Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Learning to Ride A Bike and A New Kind of Talent!

Little J is learning to ride a bike! He loves it so much! We are going to work on adapting a bike for him at home too. He is just full of smiles (as usual) and giggles while riding around so proud of himself! Love it!

Something new Princess J has decided to do! Two binkies at one time while singing! :D


erin said...

and what a perfect shirt for little j!
ok, that is too funny with her two binkies! it does remind me of how our golden retriever used to put 3-4 tennis balls in his mouth at one time. singing no...talent oh yeah baby! LOL

Sandy said...

Awww... your pictures are darlin'! That is some serious talent your kids have!!!

Patyrish said...

One thing I love about him is that he is always smiling. What a sweet kid.

Oh and Princess J has a problem, I am not sure but you might need to find her a 12 step program. Binkie's Anonomys maybe?