Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pitiful Princess

In case you cannot tell by the photo, Princess J is not having a good day. Poor little thing is sick with a terrible cold! I knew yesterday she was going to be sick later in the evening, because while we were having Starbucks with my aunt, she wanted nothing to do with her snacks and she was throwing a major temper tantrum! When this little one does not feel good, she makes sure that everyone and I mean everyone knows about it. Last night we took her temperature before dinner and it was at 101.3. We gave her some tylenol and she slept in her own room until about 11:30pm. After that she came to sleep in her playpen in mommy and daddy's room. At about 3 am she woke up very cranky, I gave her some more tylenol and then decided I would change her as well. When I took off her blanket sleeper, poor little one had sweated through the front of her jammies (she sleeps on her tummy). We got her all changed and took her temperature, it was back up to 101.0 and this was about 1/2 hour after the tylenol. Thank goodness for Nick Jr. On Demand! She layed in bed with mommy and we watched 2 episodes of Yo! Gabba! Gabba!, she gave mommy a fat lip and then she went back to sleep. I don't think she really wanted to get up this morning, but we had to take brother to school. Once she was in her car seat, she was asleep again until almost 11 am. She's kept her temperature down this afternoon, but that poor little nose is running in overdrive. She's still miserable. It breaks my heart to see this sad little pouty face.

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