Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plan B

I came across the story of the Smith Family through another blog. I'm really not sure how I found it, except that I must have been blog jumping. Anyway, they have a very important message to share. Recently Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee put together a video and played it for their congregation. I hope you will take some time to watch it here at the Without Wax Blog. This couple has an amazing story. It is awe inspiring faithfulness to HIM. While I do not begin to imagine the depth of their feelings, there were so many things rang familiar in my heart. It was an awesome reminder that HE knows our story long before it unfolds in front of us. It is an awesome reminder to have faith that while circumstances may be rough sometimes or not what we had planned, that HE is walking with us, HE is as faithful to us as we should be to HIM. I know that I have been changed by this story and by the words that were shared here. I will blog more about this when some of you who want to check it out have had a chance. Believe me, it is a well spent 22 minutes and I think many of you will feel changed and renewed after it.


Pete Wilson said...

Hi Laurie. I'm glad you found the blog and the video. I pray it was helpful to you. I'm glad I found your blog as well and enjoyed reading through it this morning. Hope to read more real soon.

Patyrish said...

Girl I watched that the other day and SOBBED like a big baby. I agree many things they said rang very true for me too. Amazing family, amazing life....AWESOME testimony. I can only hope that my faith would continue to be that strong if God decided to take Makily from me.