Saturday, May 24, 2008


I think the spring cleaning bug has bit me! I've been on a mission to get things cleaned up and junk out! So far this week, I've cleaned out the master bath, the guest bath and Princess J and Little J's rooms. I packed up a TON of clothes for both kids that no longer fit. I was sad to see some of the outfits go. I thought I'd share a few photos of Princess J's room here too. My favorite things in her room are her changing's actually an old buffet that my stepmother had. G stripped it and painted it to fit in her room! I love her closet too It's so cute! Little J's room got the once over too. A while back, my mother-in-law bought Little J a fish lamp. It's the perfect fish tank! Little J loves to watch the fish swim by continuously. We finally got around to finding a place to hang it. As you can see from the photo he was certainly enjoying his new pets!
Princess J is just a little ham these days. She's walking like CRAZY! We had our first in public temper tantrum the other day too! OMG! This little girl was outta control! Earlier in the week, we had gone into Starbucks (I know you are completely shocked that I was in a Starbucks). She was running around all over the place! She was pulling coffee bags off the shelves (she did help put them back only to pull them off again) and taking the free to read newspapers and throwing them on the ground. All the while testing out the new found skill of walking. She didn't destroy anything and did help put stuff back, so the next time we were in Starbucks (I know you are shocked again) I decided to let her walk around again while I was waiting for my small cup of heaven. This time, she just wanted to crawl. Since I didn't think that crawling around on the Starbucks floor was that great of an idea, I picked her up.....this little princess screamed bloody murder! She was arching her back and just being a little wild girl! Thankfully, everyone in the store was super friendly and understanding and I didn't get the "control your child" stares! As soon as my drink was ready though I ran outta there as quick as possible!!!! I took a few impromptu photos of Princess J today...the last two are my favorites!
Other things Princess J is doing: High Fives! A little Patty Cake! Mostly she's working on the walking thing though. I'd say she's walking about 75% of the time now. This little girl is a character! I love how her little personality is just growing and growing!


erin said...

omgosh, i LOVe her room! and the color you chose for her walls, so so pretty!!!

Rocio said...

I'm in love with Princess J room. Can I come and have a sleepover? I'm jealous, I wish my room was that neat and clean.

dcpa said...

I can't believe my eyes! Neither does your father. But we've very proud or your hard work

As told by her mom, Sandy... said...

Is that a ladybug print I spy in her room? I love it! Maddy's room is in ladybugs, although before she was born I SWORE I would not do pink... hee hee... how quickly my mind was changed once she arrived! Now, I'm considering painting the walls pink when she moves into her "big girl" room!

Oh and can you please come and clean my house? I don't feel like it!