Friday, May 16, 2008

Little J's Walk-a-thon is Tomorrow!!!

With all this heat, it's been hard, but we've been preparing ourselves for the
Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walkathon! We are so excited to be attending this year, as last year we were not able to because Princess J had just arrived. Little J has raised $805! Thank you so much to our family and friends who have donated! It really means so much to us, that you support Little J! With recent developments in research, some of which I've posted previously on this blog, I know this money will be going to good use. I know we are on the road to finding treatments and possibly even a cure for Angelman Syndrome!

If you still would like to donate to Little J's fundraising page, you can still donate here. I have my camera battery charging as we speak, so I plan on having lots of photos from our fun day! Here's hoping I can rope someone in to taking a few photos of our whole family together! I can't wait to meet so many families that I've only met online. The community of parents of children with Angelman Syndrome has been so awesome! They are one supportive and knowlegable group of people! Please pray that it is not too hot for all the kiddos though! Many children with Angelman Syndrome have difficulty regulating their body temperature. Increased body temperature can also lower the threshold for seizure activity. So, please pray that God will make tomorrow a prefect day for all of our angels to get together, raise some awareness and some money and just have a fun day together!

I know I've been teasing you all with all the new stuff I got going on. I'll post more on that after the might be able to tell some of the stuff from the walk photos when I post them!

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