Thursday, May 29, 2008

Too Quick!

14 months, and all I can say is that this girl is QUICK! She is so aware of everything! I was visiting Suzy and Princess J had her walking buddy on (I'll explain that more in another post). Anyway, she was a little upset that she couldn't roam about as she pleased and laid down on the ground and threw a little temper trantrum. As she's laying on the ground crying that "life is not fair" cry, I let go of the end of the walking buddy. This little girl was on her feet and off faster than a speeding bullet! Ever since she got the hang of this walking thing, she wants no part of being carried around. I really try and let her walk as much as possible, because I want her to be used to being in places and learning what she can and cannot do. I must say it's a bit exhausting right now. Nonetheless, I know it will be worth it in the end.

These photos came with some added stress, because of just how quick she is. I was happily snapping away some photos of her when a neighbor stopped by. We talked for like two seconds and Princess J was munching down on a mushroom from our lawn! It was so quick! Poor little girl was so scared, because I was holding her mouth open and trying to get every last bit out of her mouth! She was screaming and crying so hard! I brought her inside and immediately called poison control. Thank goodness we posted those numbers near our phone (on the advice of our pediatrician). Thankfully, it seems the type she got should not harm her in any way, but it sure gave mommy a HUGE scare! After I called poison control, I called our local ER as well, to find out exactly what they would do if I brought her in. They said they also would call poison control and then tell me to do whatever they said. I swear, if they had said they would have made her throw it up or pumped her stomach, I probably would have headed down there. As it stands now, we have to monitor her for the next 6 to 10 hours (from the time of the mushroom fiasco) and if she starts to get sick we take her in. So far, everything is fine and she is watching her favorite show Little Bill.


CJ said...

Hi Laurie, Mom here lol. Those are such cute pictures and she reminds me so much of you at that age, and we all know you were adorable!!!
How about taking a pic of the new vehicle and posting it so I can see what you all are roaming the streets with.
Love and soooo glad Princess J is fine. I was pretty sure she would be, but I was worried and glad that you called to let me know how she was doing today.
Mom (Grandma in NC)

Mrs. L said...

Yikes, it would have never occured to me to watch out for mushrooms in the lawn! Glad to hear she's okay.

cheerful cropper said...

omg! what a scare!
i will keep princess j in my thoughts!!