Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cabin Fever

So, Little J is still home from school. Just when I thought he had been fever free for 24 hours, he pulls out another fever bout. OY! The bad thing is, that next week is the last week of school and there are a few kids who are headed off to Kindergarten. I know that Little J is really going to miss a few of them that won't be returning so I'm a little sad that he's missing out this week. He goes to school next week for 4 days and then has a week off before he goes to summer school I think that week, I'm going to take the kiddos to the zoo....
As of right now, I have cabin fever so bad now! I had all these plans of things to get done this week and I've been stuck at home! Next week is going to be so packed now, trying to get this weeks stuff done and prepping for the week of no school. So, what does one do when they are stuck at home and can't be out in the real world? Yep, we hop on the internet and pretend we're out in the real world!!! LOL!!! It always leads to a little shopping too! So, look what I found!


As told by her mom, Sandy... said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that he's still fighting the nasty fever bug. I hate it! Maddy is a little better today with a fever of 99.7 and I do hope it continues to go down.

Having had a TON of fever experience, I thought that if a child was fever free for 24 hours and then a fever reappears, it could signal some kind of bacterial infection? It may be worth asking your doctor about if you already haven't.

I hope he gets better ASAP!

Kent said...

Ha ha - you are so funny! I grew up on Chips too - we watched some weird shows in the 70s huh? But my husband says it because we only had like 3 stations to choose from! Great pics from sailing, Princess J and the walkathon. Lots of memories!!