Monday, June 30, 2008

The Face of Concentration

Until this last week, Princess J has not wanted any part of the balance beem at The Little Gym. Every week, we try and try to introduce her to the balance beam. Finally, after weeks of coaxing and trying to get her comfortable on the balance beam it has paid off. The first time earlier this week which I didn't get any photos of, she would not let go of my hand for anything. Then on Sunday at Tanner's birthday party, she wanted to do it by herself. She had a great time and was so proud of herself.
She even was trying to stand on one foot periodically! Have I told you how much she loves Little Gym? LOL!
Little Miss Princess here, is also a BIG fan of the cupcake. Tanner had cupcakes at his party and she was all over it. She definately enjoyed it. The funniest part though was that she tried to steal a couple of other kids cupcakes. I wish I had pictures of the cupcake stealing, but I was too busy getting the cupcakes away from her and trying to make her "appologize". :D


cheerful cropper said...

wtg princess j! i was having katelyn watch you so she could learn from her big friend :)

emelyn said...

You have got to tell me about this place. I should take Joey, he would LOVE it!!

Patyrish said...

She looks like a pro now!