Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{Mixed Bag}

This last week has been super crazy. Lots of different things going on. Some of it good and some of it not so good.

Everyone in the house has been fighting some type of bug. Well, actually I'm sure it's the same bug, we've just all got it a little different. Thankfully, Little J is good enough to go back to school! He loves school so much, so it was good to take him back. According to his teachers, he was received with a standing ovation from his classmates. They all missed him. This just warmed my heart. Little J is the popular kid in class! LOL! Apparently the other kids "fight" over who's going to help him or pick up his binkie! I told the teacher, maybe I should offer to watch some of these kids after school.....picking up after Little J can get a bit tiring! This is his last week of school for this term. A few of his friends are graduating to elementary school, but I was glad that most of them will be at school for the summer session before heading off. Little J has a week off and then heads back to school for the summer term.

Princess J and I have our plane reservations for a little girls trip in July! We're not going far, but we're headed up to my Mother-in-laws to go to the Sisters Quilt Show. I am by no means a quilter, nor do I intend to take up this hobby, but I just love the creativity of quilting. I love how they can take those tiny pieces of fabric and thread and make such beautiful creations. We'll be spending some time with my Mother-in-law and at least one of my Sister-in-laws as well as my niece. It will be a fun time for the girls. It will also give daddy and Little J some man time! :D

Finishing up things for G's father's day gifts. My original plans were thwarted by all the sickness in the house, but I think he'll be happy.

We've been shopping for some new furniture. Can't decide exactly what I want yet, but I'm narrowing it down, so hopefully we'll have some new comfy furniture soon!

With all the kiddos sick, I ended up missing lunch with my Alpha Phi sisters. I was so disappointed, but happy to hear that one of my sisters is expecting her first little one! I know her and her hubby have been trying for awhile, so it was the most excellent news! I am so happy for her!

I do have one prayer request. Another mommy with a daughter with Angelman Syndrome was given some devistating news about her other youngest daughter. She was diagnosed with another rare disorder called Leigh's disease. The prognosis for her 11 month old is not good. Children with Leigh's disease generally have a 2 to 3 year life expectency. I do know another mommy with a daughter with the same disease who is now 12, so all the prayers you can send for this family would be a blessing. Miracles are always possible!


cheerful cropper said...

your girls trip sounds fabulous! i would love to make a quilt out of katelyn's onesies, but have NO idea how to do it.
i will say an extra prayer for your friend tonight.

emelyn said...

Aww, sorry that everyone has been sick :( But glad that everyone is on the mends :) Your girls' trip sure sounds FUN!! And I'll say a little prayer for your friend...I can't imagine ever being told news like that :(

HUGS to you, Laurie!!