Monday, June 23, 2008

First Day of School!!!!

Part one of summer break is over and Little J is back in school! I don't know who was more excited, Little J, Princess J or mommy! Okay, so I know he was only out for a week, but there are so many things that are just easier to do with just one little one in tow, and it gives me a little special time with Princess J. Little J loves school too and all his friends are there with him. When Little J arrived at school a few of his friends were already there, and they all said YAY! Little J is here (well, they didn't say little J, they actually used his name, but you get the point). When I picked Little J up, he looked like he had a great time and as always was full of smiles and laughter. They said they played outside and got lots of exercise. Then, Little J had his usual physical therapy appointment. Sherri worked him hard too!

Princess J, got a big play workout today. She had the play area to herself and took full advantage of it. She played so hard that she fell asleep mid-play.....twice! It was so cute, I had to take a few photos......and then I couldn't help but get a photo of her cute little feet.

So, with school starting again, we are getting back into the groove of a schedule again. I am thankful for that.
As a side note, you will notice the scared look on my face in the photo. Little J was very excited about going to school and he was full of exuberant energy. Those of you who know Little J and those of you who have your own angels will know that this look of impending doom was fear of the loss of a chunk of hair!!! LOL!! If you saw the photo G took after this one, you would see a huge chunk of my hair in his strong little hands!! LOL!


Lara said...

Marta can work her magic and glue it back on. :-)

What a cute "feet" picture!

cheerful cropper said...

ah! princess j looks so cute napping!
i am glad little j is back in school and loving it :)

emelyn said...

This is tooo cute, Laurie!! I love how Little J is always so full of smiles! And Princess J, too cute she can fall asleep just like that. I need to wear out my kidlets! :( about your chunk of hair, OUCH!

Mrs. L said...

The photo of Princess J all tuckered out are so cute! I wish I could just collapse like that on the floor at times.

Patyrish said...

I too value a schedule these days. Makily has been out of school for three weeks now and we are all kinds of unorganized. ACK!

She starts back next week and so I am hoping things get back on track. I agree with you though, it's so much easier with one kid in tow. I can get so much more done...and makily LOVES school too!

Makily also is a HAPPY hair puller. It's never out of spite or being's always out of happy excitement. LOLOL