Friday, June 13, 2008

Little Gym!

Once Little J started school, it gave us an opportunity to find things for Princess J to participate in. We started taking her to the The Little Gym. She loves this place! They sing lots of songs and have lots of activities for the little ones to explore and try out. When we first started, Princess J was one of the few non-walkers in her Little Birds class (10-18month olds). Now, she is crazy busy all over the place in there! I thought she was a fast crawler, but she is an outta control walker! She loves to explore and climb all over everything. Her favorite things to do are play with the bells (she hates when it's time to put the bells away!), forward rolls and handstands. We have kept trying the balance beam, but she has been pretty resistant to it until this last week. She has made some friends in her class and definately likes the cute boys!

We love this place, everyone who works there is so sweet and nice and all of the kids and parents in her class are awesome! We were kind of sad this week, because we had to go to a different class, because Little J's last day of school was on her regular class day and we had to pick him up early. I hope that many of her same classmates will be in the next session as I'd like to get some photos of her with her regular teacher and some of her favorite friends....especially the little boy who gave her her first kiss!
Little J is off school this next week, so hopefully we'll get a few fun things in before he heads off to summer school.


cheerful cropper said...

we gotta get over there. it looks like so much fun! wtg lil j on the balance beam!

emelyn said...

Look at her GOOO!! She is all over the place and dressed so stylish at the same time!! You go, Princess J, while you work it, you gotta flaunt it!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I just LOVE her clothes!!!

Hey I wanted to let you know, my blogspot addy is no long working in google reader now. Make sure you upadte the bookmark to TTYS! :)