Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Poor Daddy had to work today. So, the kids and I ran around doing errends while he was working. We did a little bit of celebrating when he got home with a few gifts. You can already guess from an earlier post that he got the CHiP's second season DVD's along with the soundtrack. We also put together this photo frame. Originally, it was just going to say "We Love You Daddy" with the kids names after it. Then I started blog jumping and from Krista's blog (which is set to private which is why I didn't link it) I went to her Sister-in-law's blog (which I'm not linking, since I'm not sure she'd wanna be linked) and saw this quote on a gift she gave to a friend. Loved it so much I had to copy it (Krista-tell her I said Thanks!). Anyway, it says "The greatest gift we ever got came from God, We call him Daddy!"

I think he really enjoyed the gifts, even if what he was supposed to get was the Little Giant Ladder System. The kids and I had every intention of getting it, but once Little J got sick and then Princess J, we just didn't get out to Costco in time for their roadshow on them. So, we will wait for the next Costco display of the item which I hope will be very soon......

G really is an amazing daddy. He works so hard for our family and comes home and makes sure he spends quality time with both kids. WE LOVE YOU G!

Happy Father's day to all the Daddy's out there too!


erin said...

what a beautiful frame and poem for g. what a happy day indeed!

cheerful cropper said...

oh cool! a shout out!
what a great gift idea :)

Tayde said...

Hi there! Love your framed photo gift to your hubby!! Too adorable! Love the portraits! I just love that quote!!! Isn't it sooo true...:) Thanx for checking out my blog, I love this blogging stuff! thanx to Krista she got me hooked! Have a fabulous day!

emelyn said...

That is an awesome gift you made Greg!! I'm a loser and didn't do anything this year..LOL. H had to work, too. Bummer!

As told by her mom, Sandy... said...

What a sweet gift! This made me look like a loser compared to what I gave my hubby!

And THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the sweet comments you have left and positive words. I feel blessed having gotten to "meet" you and read about your motherhood journey and your two beautiful children. You are definitely a special person! And yes, God does perform miracles, there is no doubt about that in my mind.

I'll be around, let's keep in touch!