Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Week in the Life....or Maybe Two (cont..)

During football season, Sunday is all about Fantasy Football for the boys in the house. So, Princess J and I got up and ready for the day to run a few errends....well mostly get out of the house for a little while. See Princess J even has her lipstick out first thing in the morning! LOL!
You'll find this screen on all the computers in the house throughout the day!

One of my pet peeves, is how dirty carts at stores get. Ewwww! When we visted my parents in Switzerland a couple of years ago...well a few times since our honeymoon, one of the things we noticed, was how clean carts were. The reason they are so clean, and why they always get put away when shoppers are done, is because in order to use the cart, you have to stick a coin in a slot to unlock it. When you are done, you return it to the corral and slip the key in (you can see it hanging down from the coin slot in the photo) to one of the other carts and you get your coin back. LOVE IT! I hope that all stores start to implement this. We found this one at our local Big Lots.
We stopped at Target to get G his new XBOX game. He's been playing the Silent Hill series forever now.

As always, Princess J fell asleep in the car, so G came out and carried her in to bed for awhile.
It wasn't long before she was awake though! When we put her in bed, she had her shoes on still, she got them off and puth them aside neatly! LOL!

Little J doesn't take naps anymore, but we layed on the couch and cuddled while watching football for a little while.
Princess J loves to play with her milk now. She paints around with the bottle when she gets to the end and smears it all over the place....then the most fun is splashing in it! She gets so serious about it too!

Bath day too!!! Both these kiddos love their bath time! Play! Play! Play!!!
Sunday is also list making day! It's about time to head to Costco again!

Yay! G won his Fantasy match-up today!!!

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