Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Week in the Life....or Maybe Two (cont..)

Wow! What a day! We were up early and getting ready for a fun day in Rocklin! Little J was a bit on the exhuberant side, so we got off to a late start, but on a Saturday who needs to stress about getting anywhere! We were headed up to get together with some other angel families! I love these get togethers! It is always so much fun to let the angels play together...and you can tell they are having a good time and there is always great exchange of information. I'm excited to read over some of the material I collected today and check out some websites. There is a lot of encouraging and promising research being done in the AS (Angelman Syndrome) community and there are lots of exciting new fundraising opportunities in the pipeline to fund it. I am so thankful to those that are working so hard for all of our sweet angels. I need to figure out where I fit in and get involved as well. This is a priority for me now after todays meeting.

The kids were a hit in the playroom. They were having such a good time! It's so much fun to watch Little J learning to play and try and share toys with others. It works out well, since the other kids are often just as exhuberant as he is! Princess J as really a hit though. All the young ladies caring for the children during the meeting were having a great time with her. She didn't want any of the toys in the laundry basket they arrived in, because she was able to get the girls to ride her around in it. She did not like when it was time to put the toys away, she kept trying to take them back out of the basket so she could get back in.

Apparently also, Princess J is going to be an interior decorator. See all those chairs in that photo? Well, they started out all in nice straight rows. Princess J decided that it was her job to move each and every one of them into her own configeration.

Sorry some of the photos from the playroom are a bit blurry, but everyone was constantly in motion and I just wasn't quick enough.

Our drive up and back was very easy. As usual, Princess J fell asleep very quickly. Little J was laughing all the way up. I had to get a photo of our GPS device as I was crossing the bridge. Recently, Caltrans rebuilt this particular bridge. Apparently the new bridge is not programmed into the satelite system yet. As you approach the bridge (see the first photo arrow) you are located on the roadway. As you get on to the new section, (see second photo arrow in water) you now appear to be next to the old bridge in the water. As you are crossing, the GPS system tells you to make a legal u-turn when possible. Too funny!

As we stopped for coffee....since it has been the first rain of the season, we saw a rainbow! Yay! Can you see it too?

On the way back, we made a short pit stop since we were driving by where daddy started his new life in California. Had he not moved down here to go to the CHP Academy, we never would have met and Little J and Princess J would not be it deserved a photo and a small detour.

Let's see what fun photos tomorrow brings!

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cheerful cropper said...

don't you just love this project??
i enjoy reading about your daily life :) the kids are getting SO big!!
are you up for a playdate?? i think there are a few of us getting together Fri night at Gymboree for Open Gym. I will keep you updated.