Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Week in the Life....or Maybe Two (cont..)

Didn't take as many photos today as I would have liked. Princess J was being a bit grumpy today and kept pulling at her ears. I was afraid she was getting an ear infection. I took her to the pediatrician today and all is well with her. It appears that her molars are coming in, so hopefully a little tylenol will make her feel better...and a lil' less grumpy.

Ther first photos are what I get to look at in my rear view two beautiful blessings! This is on our way out the door to take Little J to school. After dropping Little J off, Princess J and I head off to our local Starbucks Drive-thru! Yay for Drive-thru getting the kiddos out of the car, no getting cold or wet when it rains, but having your favorite drink handed to you right through the drivers side window!!! It's the little thing we have to be thankful for!

Princess J is known for her love of sleeping in the car, it never takes very long for her to be sound asleep.....sometimes just halfway down our own street! LOL!

Afte getting our morning cup, it was off to run a few errends before having to pick up Little J at noon. It's so much easier to do a Safeway run with just one little one in tow!

After picking Little J up at school, it was off to the pediatricians office for a quick check for Princess. She loves the little train set they have there and she always has to take that little yellow train into the exam room with her. It is too funny! She loves looking in the little fish window too!

On a funny note, we've been waiting and waiting for Princess J to start chatting up a storm...but currently she doesn't feel the need. I was planning on talking with her doctor about it a little next week at her regular check-up but as if to let me know not to worry, as Dr. H walked into the exam room and said hello to Princess J....she clearly said Hi back! Too funny! I don't think we have anything to worry about! LOL!

After a clean bill of health and a quick drive home (The doctors office is only a few blocks from the house...Yay). It was time for some play!

In getting ready for our evening routine, I would be remiss in not documenting the current medication/suppliment load that Little J is on. He is currently participating in a research study in San Diego. Every morning and evening in addition to his daily seizure and reflux medication, he is taking suppliments, that G and I have to mix and keep track of. It's a lot of work, but in the end if it provides some clues to treatments or a cure then I'm glad we've participated!

Since Princess J is getting her molars in now....Tylenol is a godsend!

Princess J is getting more and more independent. She is starting to love feeding herself! She's fighting giving up the bottle to go to a sippy cup every step of the way, but feeding is something she loves to do for herself.

Currently I am reading The Shack by William P. Young. It's a good read!

Tonight on television and important debate! The Vice Presidential debate between Democrat VP candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidate Sarah Palin. I think it will be one of the most widely watched VP debates ever.

Let's see what tomorrow brings......

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emelyn said...

You busy, busy girl!! AWw...can Princess J teach some words to Joey. He is still not talking :(