Thursday, October 09, 2008

Second Week in the Life.......

Today the main event was Princess J's 18 month check-up. She is doing so well! She was seriously in rare form showing off her skills in the doctors office. As always, she had to have the trains from the waiting room with her in the exam room. Too funny! Doctor says she is doing well! She's ahead in her gross motor skills, showed that she can follow 2 step commands and has a few words. She's still not very interested in using them often though. She falls in the 50th percentile in height and weight. She's still a little peanut and only fits in 12-18 month clothing...sometimes 9 to 12 month clothing as well. This is good though, since the doctor says the average baby is weighing in heavier than the 50th percentile now. Clothing is made for the average baby which is generally larger. With girls, they say that you can predict their final height based on their height at 18 mos. Princess J will probably turn out short like mommy and come in at about 5ft. 3in. or 5ft. 4in. Funny how that works out, that she's going to be my little peanut and Little J is slated to be over 6ft. tall! WOW! When the nurse came in to giver her shots, she rushed passed her out the door pushing it open and brushing aside the nurse. Good thing she's only 18 mos, because if she was 13 it would not have been as cute! LOL! She headed off to another doctors private office to make sure he knew she was there. This little girl is always causing a commotion. She had her flu shot and her tetnus shot today and suprisingly didn't shed a tear. She was sort of mad that I was holding her down, but got over it when the nurse gave her some stickers. I'm so used to taking her to the doctor every 3 months, it will be strange waiting for 6 months. Princess J was not being cooperative in getting a photo with her pediatrician, so we'll have to get one at a later date to share. Now the only doctor appointments we have left this year (as far as regular visits) are Little J's neurologist visit in December and our follow-up in San Diego for the research study.

We were supposed to have lunch with my sorority sister Verna today, but things didn't work out, so next week for sure! I love that I've reconnected with many of my college friends and sorority sisters. What would we all do without Facebook?

Some of the other photos from Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday, G got a haircut, but wouldn't let me embarass him with the camera in the barbershop. Princess J got her morning cookie snack...this doesn't happen often, but she loves those cookies! Princess J and I headed to the Post Office. She's so good at being a good helper.....until she decides she's done and throws the packages on the floor. Tuesday, we were mailing some books for Paperback Swap. If you are interested in it, click on the banner on my sidebar! :D

Wednesday is always a busy day. Little J goes off to school and then after we pick him up, it's off to therapy. Today the photos include some good mail for G...a birthday card and birthday present (which he hasn't opened yet, since his bday is next week) and his weekly USA Today Sports paper....gotta be ready for Fantasy Football Sunday! We headed off to therapy (why when you are in a hurry, does the train always stop you in your tracks) and you see his rockstar OT Wendy! After his appointment we headed over to Target for a few odds and ends. Too bad they wouldn't both look at the camera...they were getting a little grumpy....well maybe all three of us were! LOL! I still had to document how we roll when a cart is involved. Usually, I put both kids in like they are and then use one of the handheld baskets on the bottom. Sadly, this Target has gone to baskets that won't fit underneath the cart.....DRAT! I think I'm going to have to try the toddler carrier cart soon. They are never near the parking lot though, so it's sometimes hard to carry both kids on each hip to get to one.....someday. After a long busy day, there had to be a stop at Starbucks. Mommy's little cup of sanity.

Had to get a photo of Little J with his Backyardigan quilt...handmade and designed with genious by Grandma Libbi! :D He loves loves loves this thing sooooo much. He is just full of smiles and giggles whenever it's in sight. He won't let go of it for anything....believe me I've tried to steal it a few times....:D

Looking forward to tomorrow, which I can't say much about, but Princess J and I will be working on a suprise for G's birthday coming up. I hope it turns out well! :D


erin said...

love seeing and reading about your weeks. i loved when i did this for ali's track a few summers back.
gotta love scrapbooking- w/o that, i wouldn't have friends like you who blog about your daily. which totally reminded me to get my girls' their flu shot appointments.
after i rest some, i'll be blogging about how thankful i am to have this awesome hobby in my life.

dcpa said...

Am having a hard time keeping up with this. Ur Dad loves the photos. He said one of PJ reminded him of Uncle Pat. Love ya.