Monday, October 13, 2008

Music and Spills

Princess J loves to make noise! This morning was no exception! This morning though, she had the help of a metal bowl and 2 wooden spoons....she LOVED it!

Last Friday, I didn't post any photos, because well....I couldn't. Unfortunately, I still can't post the photos from that day, but I'm working on it. We've been actively looking for a photographer to do some family photos for us, but it's been next to impossible to set anything up with our crazy busy schedule. Also, I worry about getting good photos of Little J since he doesn't follow direction well and the patience level of our photographer. Anyway, a moms' play group I belong to did a little mini photo shoot playdate with Auey Santos. When I looked at her website, I really liked the photos I saw and thought this would be a good opportunity to get some cute lil' photos of Princess J and talk to her about our situation with Little J. I love the photos she took of Princess J, and can't wait till I can share some or maybe she will share them on her blog eventually. It was a mini session, so we only got about 15 photos, but it will be hard for me to choose just a few. We will definately be setting up a family photo session with her. She was so nice and I think that she will have the patience and I know she has the understanding we will need with Little J! :D I am so excited about it!

This afternoon, I went to pick up Little J at school....he took a little spill. I swear, this kid can tip over things that I didn't think was possible! They were working with him using a walker (something he is getting pretty darn good at) and giving him some freedom to go where he wants to go. Currently, since he's just starting out, they have the wheels set so they only go backwards and forwards....well Little J wanted to go left or right! He was so determined, that he finally tipped over the walker. He got a little bit of road rash on his face, but his teacher said that he was up and ready to go again just a few minutes later. It's hard to see in the photos, but in person it looks worse upon first sight than it really is. It's very minor. He got a good workout at school and then later it was off to his PT Sheri, for another workout. This kid works so hard, sometimes I get tired just watching him work. It's hard to watch sometimes, just how hard he has to work to do things that many of us take for granted. I am in awe of his determination and just how he keeps going and going and going with all the work he does.

Last, but not least, I have a little vent. We have this neighbor...well he/she lives around the corner about 3 or 4 house up. They have been doing A LOT of construction on their property which unlucky for us has included incessent Jackhammering (not ideal for a napping toddler). Ugh! This has been going on for weeks and weeks. I want to say they really started doing this about 4 to 6 weeks ago and it just goes on and on and on. How long do you think neighbors should have "loud" construction going on for before it becomes just inconsiderate to the neighbors? Honestly, I don't mind when people are doing work on their homes etc, as long as it ends at some point within a reasonable time and it doesn't go until 7pm at night....UGH!

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cheerful cropper said...

ah poor lil j! look how much fun princess j is having playing *music*!!!