Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Day of Survival!!

Day two of G back at work, and again I survived and accomplished a few of the things I wanted to...or at least got started on them. I even got the kiddos dressed and out of the house for a bit too!

On Krista's recomendation, I picked up a copy of Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking by Jessica Sprague. I've had Photo Shop Elements software forever, but under utilize it alot. I see all these amazing things that others are doing with their photos using this program, but I'm just using it to stitch layouts together and reduce the size of photos for emailing. What a waste of an expensive program. So in an effort to start not only using the stash of product I have laying around gathering dust and becoming outdated, I need to start using the tools and equipment I have as well. I'm hoping that this simple approach to using the program will get me started, and then maybe I can venture into even more usage. We'll see how that goes. I still have a sewing machine, a Bind-it-all and a Cricut to break in as well.

I ventured into the scraproom today, to start doing some organization. I still have a long way to go, but at least I made some progress. I've been drawing some sketches and writing down some ideas on titles and uses of product I just recently bought, and I really want to get it down on paper and into my albums.

Tomorrow, on our list of To Do's:

*Deep clean the Bathrooms!
*Straighten up our room
*Finish Laundry
*Clean up in Princess J's room
*Make sure we have everything for dinner
*Call and make a few appointments
*Little J's therapy appointment
*Go to mall and get something to wear to wedding this weekend
*Find something to wear to bachlorette party on Thursday.
*Set DVR to tape season finale of ER!!!! Oh my I almost forgot!!
*Organize my closet!
*Continue work in scraproom!
*Not to mention feeding the kids, keeping kids clean and playing
with kids!

Obviously all of this won't get done tomorrow, but at least I have a list and know what I want to work on! Let's see how day 3 goes!


mesogoofy2 said...

Good Luck on that list!!!!!!
I have that same digital scrapbooking magazine!!! I need to keep it next to my computer instead of with the stack of CK and other magazines I have for ideas... it really is a good resource for using my PSE program (which by the way even after Lizz's class I still am clueless how to even scrap on that program!!!!) - pretty sad I know!
Have fun at Angel's wedding this weekend! Take lots of pics and share please! I have a baby shower for my soon to be sister in law that day so I can't make it.

Rene said...

Girl, I'm right there with you. The only two things I do with my PSE is stitch and resize for the web! Once you figure it all out you can teach me!

island girl said...

We totally need to work through that book together!! I have it too and have yet to use it! Ack!!

Anonymous said...

yah! you got it!

jo said...

I was eyeing that book at Michael's! I'm holding off until I get a 40% off coupon. *lol* I'm getting better with the digi, but I'm too cheap to buy digital kits so I just use free ones and practice with those. :)