Monday, May 28, 2007

Pregnancy: The gift that keeps on giving!

Having this beautiful little girl has really given me a run for my money. I will say first, that everything I have been through this pregnancy has been completely worth it, and I would do it all over again in a nanosecond! Just when I thought we were getting back to normal and getting into sort of a groove around here, I feel this sharp pain in my belly button area. It went away and I ignored it. We got back into a little groove, we were making appearances all over the place. Target, Starbucks, Costco and we were getting ready to brave the mall when the pain returned! I called my doctors office and talked to the nurse practioner and she says it sounds like I have a pregnancy induced hernia! A WHAT????? Ugh! So tomorrow, I'm off to the doctor...good thing I like her! Not sure how it gets taken care of, but everything I've read online says surgery. That should be fun!

I really hate feeling like I can't get stuff done. When I talked to the nurse practioner on Friday, after she makes my appointment, she tells me that if the pain gets worse to go to the ER, and not to lift anything heavy. Ummmm...what's heavy? I realize that my 2 year old is heavy, but what am I supposed to do? He's not quite walking yet. Is my almost 2 month old heavy? Sheesh! What am I supposed to do? Leave the kids in their cribs until G gets home? So, as you've guessed, I'm still lifting the kiddos. Luckly G is off on Monday's and Tuesdays, but Wednesday all bets are off again. I really hope I can get this taken care of ASAP, because I really want to be free and mobile again. I want to get back on track, getting the kiddos out and not feeling like I'm chained to the house until G gets home. Wish me luck!


erin said...

what a beautiful smile she has!!! ok, and where did you find her adorable outfit???

you're in our prayers girlie!

jo said...

Hope everything goes well at your checkup! I'll keep you in my prayers.

Your babygirl is SOOO adorable. :) Jonah has to meet her - maybe it'll be love at first sight. *lol*

island girl said...

oh sweetie!! please take it easy...i would hate if you really got hurt!! good luck at the drs. office, seriuosly...keep us posted!!