Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Give Up!

I am no longer posting To Do lists on my blog. They just don't get done, and then I have it sitting there in writing...staring at me....taunting me...that yet again...I did not get it done. Ugh!

Today's adventure! For those of you who know me, you know, that I am not one to be homebound for too long. I love to get out and about. Love to enjoy the weather, love to feel free to do what and go where I please. This task has just become a bit more problematic, with two little ones. Making the task even more problematic, is that neither of them walk! Currently, we are in the market for a double stroller, otherwise known as a baby Hummer. We have yet to find the right one, so my outings are a bit limited, to places that are either a)small enough that it's easy enough to push Little J around in the umbrella stroller and carry Princess J in her carseat or b)a shopping cart is available to put both kiddos in. Today, our adventure outing was to one of my favorite places...Target. There were a few things I needed, and Target is always a treasure hunt. So, off we go to our local Target. Little J sitting and belted into the seat of the cart, and Princess J in her carseat fast alseep in the basket portion. Little J was fascinated with checking her out, and I'm sure wanted her to be awake and entertaining him, or at least entertaining her. Nonetheless, an hour of shopping later, we head to the checkout. As the cashier is ringing us up, I am frantically looking for my debit card. UGH!!!! It's sitting on the counter at home where I left it. Thank goodness no one was behind me, cause that is super embarassing! So, thankfully, we live close to this particular Target. Back out to the parking lot, load kids back into vehicle and head for home. Run in grab debit card, jump back in vehicle and head back to Target. Park, unload kids and head back to checkout....(thank goodness I didn't have to re-shop!) for merchandise, unload merchandise into vehicle, reload kids back into vehicle and head to the Drive-thru Starbucks, because now, I really deserve that Venti Mocha Coconut Frappacino with an add shot blended! I probably should have added 2 shots.

Another thing I'm giving up is predicting winners this year on reality shows.
Amazing pick = Rob and Amber / actual winner = Eric and Danielle
The pick = James / actual winner = Stephanie pick = Yau-man / actual winner = Earl
Dancing with the pick = Ian and Cheryl / actual winner Apollo and Julianne
At least I can pick a mate for the bachelor...Yay for Tessa!


erin said...

you're too funny! she is bringing the double on saturday to suzys!

are you going today for the sale? i'll be there!

and i wanted tessa too, hope they last!

Rene said...

Okay, you deserved THREE shots in that Starbucks after that day!

Lara said...

Isn't that drive-thru Starbucks awesome?!