Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I never thought I would hear someone say.....

"I can feel the hole in your stomach!" That my friends is what the doctor said to me. I knew going in, that was what it was, but still I never thought I would hear that sentence! It totally made me laugh. Anyway, so I headed to the OB today and was given the news that I do in fact have an umbilical hernia most likely brought on by pregnancy. So it is in fact the pregnancy that keeps on giving. She referred me to a surgeon and told me to call right away to get it taken care of. I called when I got to the parking lot and was told that they can't see me for 8 weeks! this thing working...I have a hole in my stomach that the doctor can feel, and I would like to get it there a possibility of a cancelation list that I could be on? Oh, no one ever cancels here, this doctor is very popular. WHAT??? So, I head back into the OB's office and chat with the receptionist. I ask if there is another doctor I can be referred to. She checks the list and goes back to talk to the doctor. When she comes back and gives me another name, she says that they were shocked that they couldn't get me in for 8 weeks and was glad I let them know. So, I called the second doctor. Apparently he is quite as popular I'll get in next week and they have me on the list for cancellations, because they do happen at this office.

What the heck is that all about? 8 weeks to get in to see a surgeon? Who waits that long? If I could go get this thing fixed tomorrow, I would be all over it. I mean, by the time your referred to a surgeon, they know you have some need for a surgery, why would the wait need to be so long? That is just CRAZY!!! Also, what's with the "popular" comment? It's not like it's plastic surgery and I'm trying to get in to see Dr. 90210, I just want my freakin' hernia fixed! I'm starting to see why so many people are rushing to the ER for these things. Might as well just wait it out until it ruptures. Then someone has to take care of it ASAP without you having to jump through all the hoops. I suppose you could just go to the ER and complain of extreme pain without the rupture part and they would probably just take care of it too. Seems to me there should be a better system for all this. Oh well. I just keep posting photos of the little cutie patootie to remind me of the extreme treasure and that this really is a small price to pay.

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Kent said...

Yikes - what a bummer!I think I would ask if they could do a tummy tuck too if it were me (not that I saying anything about you). I just would like an excuse to get one! :-P