Sunday, May 20, 2007

Must Do Tomorrow!

I must get started on that bathroom! I have been avoiding it too long. That should be obvious, since that stupid bathroom has made an appearance on my blog 3 times now! Yikes! Here is my new updated To Do list!

Deep Clean Bathroom!
Finish organizing our bedroom
Clean out my closet!
Finish scraproom
Buy flowers to plant in front yard and on porch.
Watch DVR'd episode of King of Queens and ER!

Those are my top things to get done! I will feel so much better about actually scrapping if this stuff is complete.

These last few days have been so busy! Thursday a bunch of us headed over to La Fondue for a tame bachlorette party for Angel West. It was a lot of fun and the food was super yummy!! Friday as you know was all about taking care of these kiddos, setting up and changing some upcoming appointments, and doing the scrub down in our family/kitchen area. Saturday was a whirlwind trip to find something to wear to Angel's wedding and then heading off to the wedding sans kiddos. G stayed home with them!! Wahooo! Sunday, I way overslept, which is why there are a few things on my list to do, that I wanted to do today. Anyway, got the grocery shopping done, made cookies from scratch, and cooked up some dinner. Gave princess J a nice bath too. Love that clean baby smell!


erin said...

yippee to getting some sleep in girlfriend! i took a nap this afternoon, after church and sunday school, cleaning and laundry.
i totally hear you on the to do just keeps growing!
(at least i finished my gg stuff, given it is 2am i would hope so LOL)
see you soon i hope!

those shoes you had were awesome, you go girl!

island girl said...

ooohhhh...that clean baby smell...that's the best!! :-) Sounds like you have been supah busy!! don't overdo it girl!

marygrace said...

Dude, I need to do some serious cleaning, too. LOL - let me know when you finish so that I can start. :)