Monday, August 29, 2005

10 Places I Want to Visit!

So the challenge this week is to post 10 places I want to visit. For the most part this post will be very easy for me, because I have often thought and dreamed of the places I would love to visit.

1.) Venice, Italy. This is my favorite place on the entire planet! I've already been twice, but if I could I would live there. This beautiful little city has so much character, and just sitting in San Marco Square day or night listening to the beautiful music of the bands playing is amazing!

2.) New York City. I've never been to New York City before, and would love to visit.

3.) Amsterdam, Netherlands.

4.) London, United Kingdom.

5) Barcelona, Spain.

6.) Vatican City, Italy. Okay, so I've been here before too, but just the peace you feel here is so amazing! And, who could resist the additional trip to Rome!

7.) Singapore. Should taken my chance to visit here while my parents were living there. I'm such a dork sometimes!

8.) Japan.

9.) Washington D.C. Who wouldn't want to visit the capital of the U.S.

10.) Okay, my last destination would be a frivolous one. I want to go on a shopping spree in Milan, with no spending limit!

Well, now that I've listed all these places, I have realized that I really need to start playing the lottery and win! I've also realized, that not only do I want to visit all these places, but so many more as well, and I also want to return to many of the places I've already been!


rani said...

i'm with ya with the shopping in Milan-now if I could just win the lottery-all would be well! Awsome list!

sylvia said...

hee hee...maybe we should plan an all-girls shopping trip to milan! wouldn't that be wild???!