Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The No Scrap Shopping Challenge!

Well, after putting away all my wonderful buys from the Scrapbook Expo, I'm looking around my scrap space going......HOLY COW! Wow, do I have a lot of stuff! I can never give up the shopping, but I'm gonna have to make a dent in my stash. I have challenged myself to a spending freeze. This spending freeze has no time limit, but a production challenge that must be met before the freeze is lifted. The challenge I have made to myself is that I must complete 10 layouts or projects before I can spend any more money on scrap supplies. What do 10 projects equal. I could just count items, but there has to be more of a challenge than that. Otherwise, I could just make 10 cards and be done. Not much of a dent would be made with 10 itty bitty cards. So, if I choose to make cards with my stuff, I must make 30 for it to count 3 cards= 1 layout/project. I have some pre-made kits as well, for example, at Expo, I bought the Scrapbook in a Bag kit.....for it to count, I must complete the entire thing! Complete means complete too, if it's a layout, then it must include it's journaling, if it's a kit, the kit must have the pictures and any journaling included.

There is one exception to my spending freeze. There are some items that were supposed to be in before my freeze kicked in. I'm still getting those when they arrive! I've saved my Scrapbook Expo earnings for just that purpose!

Anyone interested in joining me?


Rene said...

Are you MAD??? No buying? Okay, I'll start after my Thursday trip to ScrapDreams...and of course this is scrap SUPPLY right? Doesn't include scrap mags and books? I can do this...yes I can...whip out ten layouts in a week so I can buy more stuff!!!!

Laurie said...

I'm not mad! I'm trying to put a dent in my stash!! I knew you would say that though! LOL

sylvia said...

ok, i am totally in like flynn!! made 4 trips last week to 4 stores in 2 days....yikes!! i didn't even hit the expo....scrap territory made a really good dent! ok, 10 pages starting today right???

island girl said...

OH!! I love this!! I too need to go on spending freeze, but of course, the scrapbook expo is this weekend!! Argh...can I start on Monday?!? Actually I don't THINK I'm going to buy anything but you never know!! LOL!! I love the idea of no time limit, but actual production! And 10 is a great number...makes great sense!! Keep us posted on your progress!

Rebecca said...

Hey, I'll join you! But I'm kinda cheating ....not too hard to do when you dont have $$$ LOL

So, how many projects you got done so far???