Tuesday, August 16, 2005

An Unproductive Day.

I hate days like today, when no matter what you try to accomplish, it just isn't getting done. I was so lucky today, to get to go to Suzy's to scrap with some friends. I packed up my stuff, packed up my little one and his stuff, and headed off for a fun day of creating! Everything was looking bright! I had all these great ideas in my head and ready to go, I even had a great babysitter for little Josh when I got there (Thanks Angel and Christian, you guys were awesome!). I went to pull out the pictures that I planned on scrapping.......DOI! I forgot them! I looked through what I brought 3 times, went out to my car and looked around in there...nothing. I don't know why I bothered to look, because I immediately knew where they were.....they were sitting on the shelf in the garage! Yikes! So as you can guess, nothing got done. At least there was a lot of creativity going on around me! Suzy got some fantabulous projects done! Love those animals on the album sister!

The bright side of today, is that I got to hang out with the girls and just gab. I was glad to find out that I'm not the only one addicted to crazy shows! I also could hear little Joshie having a great time in the other room with Angel and Christian, he was giggling away! He was so tired when he got home, that he was sitting on Greg's lap, and he just fell asleep like that. It was so cute I had to get pictures of his little head just falling forward while the rest of him was sitting up.

As you know by now, I am addicted to Big Brother 6, and I could just spit nails that Kaysar and Janelle are on the block for eviction. It's inevitable that one of them is going home. A phrase I learned from Rebecca, just fits here.....Crappity, Crap, Crap, Crapp!

At least there are a few more productive days to look forward to! Scrapbook Expo is this week starting Thursday! Lots of scrapshopping to be done!! Friday, I'll be off to scrap with the girls again....I won't forget the pictures this time!


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry you left your pictures :( But hey, at least you got to go! Waaaa

You like my phrase huh? Feel free to use it anytime!!!

Rene said...

Argh, I hate when I forget something at home...the curse of not living next door to wait, we can call her SUZY!! (grin).
Better bring your photos and mojo on Friday girl, I'm gonna need it!
And count me as another who uses the Crap Crap Crapity Crap line all the time! (with a Hell to the No thrown in every now and then).

Lara said...

I hate when I forget stuff...that's why I always bring way too much crap, crap, crapity, crap to crops.

Crap = crop? :-)

sylvia said...

hey luscious d!! it was fun talking to you about our other vice! tv!! :) can't wait for the next crop!