Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Power of Television

Thank goodness that someone invented television! I love television! I sometimes have actually considered calling it a hobby! I can't believe all the shows I watch! I was thinking about this earlier when I was watching a preview for a show in the upcoming fall season. I have decided that here would be a good place to post the shows that I can't live without. There is no particular order for these.
*Crossing Jordan
*Law and Order SVU
*American Idol
*Big Brother 6 (Go Kaysar and Janelle!)
*Friends (I realize there are no new ones, but love the reruns!)
*Young and the Restless
*Starting Over
*Las Vegas
*Real World
*Laguna Beach
*Amazing Race
*Family Plots
*Flip That House
*What Not to Wear
*Dog the Bounty Hunter
*America's Most Wanted (I know I'm gonna catch a criminal someday!)
*Friends (I know there are no new episodes, but love the reruns!)
*Being Bobby Brown....

Oh Hell to the No, she didn't just say Being Bobby Brown! Yep, this is a trainwreck that I just can't avoid watching every single week! When I was in middle and high school, Whitney Houston, was my idol. I never thought I would see the day that I would actually think that Bobby Brown had more tact and class than Whitney! This show should really be re-named the Whitney Houston trainwreck! I know she went to rehab recently and I believe that it was after the show was already filmed, so I'm hoping that she will get things together for herself. She is a beautiful woman and an amazingly talented woman, I hope she comes back strong! That being said, the big question now is.....How could her husband do that to her? How could he let that show make his wife look like a complete fool?


Rebecca said...

Oh Hell to the no, you di'nt just mention the Trainwrek show! Love ya girlie! Keep up the posting and when you figure out all the links and such, drop me a line so I can link you up!

sylvia said...

oh laurie! too funny!! yup! "h" to the no!! ha ha!!

it's on tonight!!! get your popcorn ready or stop by starbucks for your mocha frappe like we do!! ;)