Thursday, August 18, 2005

Do you ever think about how you make other people feel?

Okay, so in the last hour, this has been on my mind. I've seen both extremes of this question come up today a few times.

First, I met some of the Bay Area Peas from 2PEAS! Here is a picture of the ladies I met today at the Scrapbook Expo! These ladies were all so awesome! They were all very sweet and genuine scrap-a-holics just like me!

Anyway, after meeting these ladies, I was thinking to myself, I wonder how I come across. When I had to duck out of the area to feed my little one, did they think I didn't really want to hang out and chat? I really did, and I'm sure they didn't think that, but I'm nutty like that, I always wonder what people think about my actions and how they perceive me. Well, one of the ladies gave me the most amazing compliment. She posted on our message board thread, that I made her feel like she's known me forever! What a great compliment! I always want people to feel comfortable around me and know that I'm a sincere friend, and that I'm genuine in my friendships. What's even more amazing is that I was thinking the same thing about this person too!

So, now on to the otherside of the coin. Have you ever met anyone, that even though you know that they don't mean to make you feel less than capable, not good enough, or not welcome or not included, or not invited? It's almost like you know in your heart, that they don't mean to leave you out, or make you feel whichever negative way your feeling, but you still do. I always worry that my actions will make people feel bad. Not that I think that I have a huge impact on anyones psyche or anything, but I still worry about it.

How often do you think about your actions or your words and wonder how others are taking it in? How often do you think that your lack of action might be making someone feel bad. I'm sure there have been plenty of times that I have mis-spoken, not thought before I've acted, or was just too lazy to think about what I might have left out or left unsaid. To anyone that I've ever unintentionally made feel bad in any way, I'm apologizing right now!

I'll tell you right now, I am so thankful for my friends! I have the most amazing group of friends. I always want them to know that I am thankful for them, and that whenever they are in need, I'll be right there as best I can. I might be a little scattered, but if I know you need something that I can give you, I will be right there.


Rebecca said...

Wow Laurie, this is an awesome entry. You are an amazing person, and I love you! I "feel" this post, thank you!

Rene said...

Laurie, quite honestly I feel that way ALL THE TIME. My life is so busy and full of stress that frankly I'll be all the way home from a crop and realize I didn't say hello to a friend there. My brain sometimes just seems to be a bit fuzzy. So yeah, I worry that someone will think I'm mean. But YOU have never treated me or anyone else that I know of with anything less than respect. I agree with Rebecca, you are an amazing person (and I can see why the two of you are such good friends cuz you both RAWK!)

EatCrayons said...

Laurie, first of all it was great to finally meet you! :) I really wish I had had more time there on Thursday, I would have loved to hang around and chat it up with everyone. Second of all, I feel the same way too..all of the time. I'm very shy, so I'm pretty quite most of the time. I often stand with my arms folded because I'm kind of insecure in new places. I often worry that my arms being folded might come off as me being stand-offish or rude. I worried about that the whole drive home on Thursday! We make ourselves crazy, don't we? It was great to meet more Peas, hope we can all meet up again soon, nice to have scrap pals!