Saturday, August 27, 2005

Do You Say Thank You Everyday?

I am so blessed. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful son, a great dog, a nice home to live in, great friends, and food on my table. Sometimes I just have to sit back and realize just how fortunate I am. Sometimes, although I hate to admit this, instead of sitting back and being thankful for what I have, I spend time wishing for things I don't have. I'm really trying to make it a point everyday when I wake up to be thankful for the new day and everything I have been blessed with.

I've really been thinking about this today, because of a mother's story about her young son being so sick and does not have much time left. My heart is so broken for the pain she must be feeling. I don't know this mother, but I can't imagine how torn she must be. I have been thinking about her young son constantly for the last few days. Some of the things that really got me is that during some rough and painful time, he cried out that he wanted Jesus to be by him. What an amazing request! I honestly believe that the spirit in each of us, knows when our time has come. When it is time to stop fighting and to be free in our faith. What a wonderful thing to know, that this child knows that Jesus will be with him and that they will make the journey together!

I have been fighting my own issues with church lately. My husband and I were drawn to a church nearby after hearing the Pastor speak. What an amazing gift this Pastor has, to be able to teach so much about Jesus and what it really means to be Christian. Before the little one was born, I felt compelled to have a meeting with him to discuss my own "demons". I knew that this Pastor could help me figure out how to leave these issues behind and be free to bear good fruit. Well, my little one made an early appearance before the meeting could take place. These were things, I had never been compelled to discuss with any Priest, Pastor or religious affiliate ever. I haven't been compelled to do so again yet. Unfortunately the Pastor I speak of is no longer at the local church. Now, I have been really longing for my roots in the Catholic church. I'm also longing to hear the word of God and to learn from the bible study class I was attending at the other church. I'm so torn, but know that I need to find a "home" for my family and our spirits. I want my little one to know Jesus and to know that he can count on him.

So, with all this being said, I want to say thank you. I want to thank God for the blessings he has shown and given me. I want to thank my husband for being so amazing and supportive. I want to thank my little one for just being my little one. I want to thank my friends for their friendship and support. And, I want everyone to know that I am so thankful for everything I have both inmaterial and material. Most of all I am thankful that we have love and health.

There are a few prayers I would like to add to this post. For those in my family who are sick, I am praying everyday for your health and well being. For my friends who have needs, I am praying that your needs are met in great abundance! If I can help in any other way besides prayer, all you have to do is call me and I'll be there.

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