Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Fun Day at the Laundromat!!

Okay, so you all know that my laundry room is in disaray at the moment. Well, since I don't have a laundry room, that means that I can't use my washer and dryer either. So, lucky me I get to head to the laundromat!! What fun that is!!

I never realized how much laundry the three of us generate until I had to load it up into my car and take it somewhere! You will be suprised to know that I am the one who generates the LEAST amount of laundry! I know my parents will never believe that, with the number of outfit changes I used to make in a day, but it is the truth! I know you won't be suprised when I tell you that the smallest one in the house generates the most laundry

So anyway, I'm hanging out at the local laundromat doing my laundry in what is a seemingly empty laundromat. There were a few people there, but definately not enough to make getting a machine of any sort a problem. So, while I'm waiting for my washers to complete, I'm just sitting reading the latest book I can't put down (Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella), when all of the sudden the place is packed! There are plenty of washers to go around it seems, but all the sudden there is a run on dryers! Of course, this is just when my washers are finishing and it's time to dry the stuff. Ugh! As my 6 loads of laundry are finishing, I look to find only 1 measly dryer available! This really sucks! As I'm rushing to get my first wash out and into this dryer, this lady tries to steal if from me! I've got half my load in the dryer, and she's telling me that she's taking that Hell to the No your not! I just kept puttin' my stuff in that dryer. She gave me the evil look and stomped off somewhere away from me. Well, luckly, as my other loads were completing, this lady who had been there when I came in, started taking stuff out of some of the dryers. I never moved loads of laundry so fast in my life! If it were an olympic event, I would have been the gold medalist!

I have 2 questions about the laundromat too. Why are people so messy! I mean, we are all coming there for the same purpose, to clean our clothes. Why mush people leave the laundromat so nasty? I swear, I have to have a rag with me to wipe out the washers and the dryers before I put my clothes in them. Then this lady is there taking her clothes out of the dryers and throwing her dryer sheets on the floor. The other question I have, is why when people bring their kids with them must they let them run around screaming and wrecking havoc on the entire place. These kids who were probably about 6 or 7, were just running around the washers in circles screaming!! Can't they teach their kids how to behave instead of just ignoring them?

After being at the laundromat for about 2 hours, I think I have figured out where the missing sock goes. They had this lost and found was full of single socks!!! Nothing else, just single socks! I deposited 2 that I found! I coulda' deposited a pair of underware that were on the floor, but I wasn't touchin' those. I think they were clean, but ewwww.

Today, was a rather mundane day, nothing to fun about going to the laundromat or cleaning the house.

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Lara said...

Ha! That would be the funniest thing - "Lost & Found Underware". Ha!!!!!