Wednesday, August 17, 2005

You know your Butt's too big when.....

Okay, so my amazing friend Rebecca posted this on her blog the other day. So, then today a friend of ours posted on a message board about her underwear experience. So now we have compiled a new list to add to Rebecca's original one.

You know your butt's too big when.....
You underwear can double as a window shade!
Your underwear can mop the floor better than your mop!
You'd rather go commando then have your underware sticking out of your pants!
Your underwear could double as the sunshade in your car.
Your underwear could hold more grocerys than those stupid bags they give you.
When you can use your underwear as a "surrender" flag!
When you mistake you underwear for sheets for your bed!
Your husband mistakes your underwear for a towel to dry off with after a shower.
When your underwear has a "do not remove under penalty" tag on it. (you know like matresses) Your husband packs your underwear in a beach bag thinking it's his beach towel.
When you can only fit 3 pairs of undies in the washer.
When your kids want to use your underwear for a halloween costume.. I wanna be a ghost mommy!

Okay, now you see what happens when I can't think of anything to write for a day, and Rebecca and I get to IMing each other late at night. Thanks Rebecca! That was loads of fun!


Rebecca said...

I aim to please!!! This is just too funny, I'm lovin it!

sylvia said...

hee hee...too funny!

Lara said...

Eh-heh...keep it coming, girls! Start List #3!