Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thank you honey!

The last couple of days have been kinda crazy. Yesterday, I had to go to the Passport Agency to get my passport corrected, and what I thought would be a few hour trip, turned into an all day event. I was exhausted when the little one and I got home. I must say though, that while San Francisco isn't the most baby friendly town (meaning difficult to maneuver around a bit, very few places with entries wide enough for strollers, and very few places with changing tables), the people were amazingly helpful! I've never seen so many people help by opening doors, and especially the guy in line at the passport agency when it was time to pick up the passport. After being in town all day waiting for 3:30pm to arrive, the passports were finally ready at 4pm. They told everyone there (about 50 people) to line up. Since I had the stroller, I was going to wait until the end (I mean, how long could it take to hand out a passport). This very nice man at the front of the line, saw that the little one was a bit tired just rubbing his little eyes, told me to get in front of him! WOW! What a great gesture! Anyway back to the topic at hand. Then today, I woke up early, because the little one had an appointment with the pediatrician to get his last half of his flu shot. Well, we got all ready, went out to the car, got all loaded up, and.......nothing. The car would not start. UGGGGHHHHH! So there I am, unloading the car and heading back in the house to reschedule the appointment. I must admit though, it was nice to stay home all day.

Well, can I just say, that I have the best husband on the planet! Yesterday, after I got home, even though he had worked all day long and painted our laundry room, he took over caring for the little one, so I could have a much needed rest! Then today, after a long day at work, he came home and fixed my car up! So, I just want to say THANK YOU HONEY! I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The littlest things can inspire you.

I have been in a major rut lately. I don't know exactly what brought it on, but it has just been lingering. Finally today, I feel like the haze is lifting. I went to have coffee at Starbucks with my favorite aunt, who is also my godmother. We just sat and sipped our drinks (and you know mine was a mint mocha chip frappacino) and chatted for 2 hours. I really love spending time with her. She really inspires me with how when things are tough, she keeps going and going and going and going. Don't get me wrong, she's not superwoman (well, she is in some respects), it's just that even when we talk about the "little black clouds" she always has a positive attitude and just keeps plugging away to the positive outcome. The little one, of course was an angel, for the whole two hours. He chatted with us for a little bit and then took a nice long nap in his stroller. It was so relaxing to just hang out. I feel so relaxed now, and ready to complete all my tasks.

I also got some promising news today. My cousin was diagnosed with cancer a litle while back. Well last week, he completed his chemotherapy treatments. His tumor marker is down and his doctors are very optomistic. He goes in for a test at the end of the month that will reveal (notice I am saying it will) that all is well with him and he can get back to enjoying life again.

Well, that's it for now, I better go scrap while I'm feeling the inspiration!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Burned Out.

Ever have those days, when you just have so much to do, that you just want to hide in your bed and hope that someone else will do it? Things have been so super crazy the last 3 weeks, and they show no signs of slowing down. There was a time when I was used to this craziness, but those days are gone. Maybe I'm too old for the craziness? I never thought so before. Anyway, I really don't have much to blab about today, I'm off to bed!

Friday, October 14, 2005


Do you ever:

*wonder why we must have all the newest stuff before it even hits the shelves?
*wonder why we just see a picture of some new scrapbook supply and know we have to have it before we even know how much it is?
*think that the whole notion of preserving the past or the memories has gone to the wayside with the majority of scrappers?
*wonder why some "scrappers" really seem to only be validated if they are published?
*get caught up in other peoples designs or styles and feel like you've lost your own?
*feel less than creative when you look around at your massive stash?
*feel less creative than those around you?

Okay, enough of that.....Krista commented on my last "Must Turn Away" post, that she was glad their were not links. Rene wondered why I stopped at 8. Well, that was only because I was lazy, so I have expanded my list and included links where possible. Now after you've browsed all the new pretty things I want, make sure to give me some sympathy for my little personal turmoil discussed at the end of this post!

1. The new Basic Grey Blitzen paper line.
2. KI's new Chill Out and Christams collection.
3. That new Making Memories Pink Tote set. Maybe I want the green though? hmmmm.
4. The Eiffel Tower stamps from Technique Tuesday.
6. The new scrapworks tailord tags line. Examples are this and this.
7. The new notch tool from Basic Grey
8. The new tag tool from Making Memories.
9. The Hanging by a Thread stamps from Technique Tuesday.
10. The Infinte Wisdom stamps from Technique Tuesday.
11. The new Maya Roads ribbon and large chipboard shapes.
12. The new Cactus Pink line.
13. The new Lil' Davis line.
14. Might as well add the new Imagination Project items as well! Love all three!
Okay, I think that's enough for now. If I've enabled you in anyway, you can thank Rene and Krista for getting me to expand my list with links! LOL!

So, now for my little personal turmoil. Most of you who read my blog and know me IRL, know that we are heading to Europe soon to visit my family. Many of you know what a pain in the you know what (coughcough*ass*coughcough) getting the little ones passport was. Well, today in the mail, I received my shiney brand new passport. I had to both renew my passport and change my name. I don't know why, but I knew something was amiss the minute I opened the envelope. At first, I thought something was wrong with my application, because I originally only saw my expired cancelled passport and my marriage license enclosed. I dug deeper into the envelope and to my relief, found the new passport. I opened it up, and to my horror, my name was mis-spelled! Now, getting my passport has also become a pain-you know where! So, I call the passport agency, and get instructions from the clerk which includes filling out another form, taking new pictures, resending my old passport, my new wrong passport, my marriage license and where to mail it. I go online like she advised and retreived the proper form and filled it out. As I'm reading the small print, it says that it will take 4 to 6 weeks to re-issue the passport, but if I want it expedited, I have to pay another $60! Um...hello! I just paid you $60 to expedite it and it's wrong! So, I call back the call center and talk to another clerk, who then talks to a supervisor, and with great relief, I don't have to pay the $60 to expedite it. I do however have to trek over to San Francisco with all the necessary information. I'm hoping the little ones' comes tomorrow, so if there is a mistake on his, I can do them both at once. Okay, thanks for the sympathy, I feel better now!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I was reading a Krista's blog yesterday, she was inspired to write down what her thoughts were as she was driving home from work. There is a link on her blog to what inspired her to do this. Anyway, I thought that it was a great idea, so even thought I don't drive to or from work, I decided to note the thoughts I was having while I was running around doing my errands today.

1.) What do I get G for his birthday tomorrow?
2.) Should I go to Stampers Warehouse today?
-A question I will chat about more tomorrow.
3.) Will G and his mother have an argument while she is here?
4.) When in the heck am I going to finish all the projects I have to get done?
5.) I really want a new pair of shoes.
6.) What else do I need to do to get ready for our trip?
7.) Less than 30 days until our long vacation!
8.) I need another massage soon!
9.) I need a haircut and a pedicure....SOON!
10.) Thanks to Krista, now I want an Ipod!
11.) I hope all is well with Jen and MG
12.) I miss scrapping with Rebecca!
13.) I hope all is well with Rene's move!
14.) Did you know it's going to cost us the same amount to send Yukon to the doggy hotel as it cost for our airfare to Europe (one persons ticket)?
15.) When do I get to scrap next?
16.) I hope ER is really good tonight!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Must turn away....Part 2!

Also known as Memory Trends! Yikes, there is so much stuff that I must have! Here is my list....

1. The new Basic Grey Blitzen Line.
2. KI's new Chill out and Christmas Collection.
3. That new Making Memories Pink Tote bag
4. The Paris Stamps from Technique Tuesday.
6. The new scrapworks tailord tags line.
7. The new notch tool from Basic Grey
8. The new tag tool from Making Memories.
-----I'm stopping my list there, because it would be never ending, but I must have these things!!-----------

So much to do.....

All I can think about today, is my huge "To Do" list. Ever since we got our tickets to Europe, my mind has been racing, thinking of all the huge tasks I must get done to prepare for the trip, along with all the daily tasks I must complete for daily living. So today, I decided, that I'm going to put down my huge "To Do" list right here. It's about to be out there for all of you to share in my misery! Oh, by the way, this week, lucky me, I'm planning for G's birthday on Friday, and my MIL is coming to visit.....TOMORROW!

1. Get guest bathroom ready for company.
2. Laundry!
3. Quick dust/vacuum.
4. Finish G's present.
5. Finish gifts for those we are visiting in Europe.
6. Make list of things to pack for trip for everyone.
7. Make list of things we need to purchase before we leave on trip.
8. Find accomodations for Yukonbear.
9. Check on passports (due next week)
10. The Costco run.
11. Buy invitations for J's first birthday party.
12. Make guest list for J's first birthday party.
13. Send invitations out on the day we leave.
14. Take shoes for shoe repair.
15. Finish paperwork for the State Contractor's board.
16. Get information to order flooring for laundryroom from contractor.
.....and the list goes on.......

Monday, October 10, 2005

Must turn away!

Have you ever been watching a movie or a tv show, and just know they are gonna show you something you don't wanna see. So there you are, knowing what's going to happen, and knowing you don't wanna see it. You crouch down in your seat and cover your eyes and wait for someone to tell you it's over. Tell me, how do you do that with a book? I'm currently reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey which is the current Oprah book club selection. I cannot beleive this book. It is so amazing! I'm only about one fourth of the way through it, and I am hooked. I have never read a book, that was so descriptive, so horrific, and yet so touching all at the same time. I have never read a book where I wanted to cover my eyes and ears until the moment passed, but knew that I had to know what was going on. If you have never read this book, I honestly recommend that you read it. This man goes through an amazing life changing process, and I can't wait to find out the rest of his story. The other thing that amazes me with this book, is that this man has gone through some horrific things (and like I said, I'm only 1/4 of the way through it), but there are so many kind gestures and emotional connections from people who are strangers with this man, and also he without realizing it reaches out to make emotional connections with others. The most touching thing, that I can't wait to find out more about, is that this man, cannot look into his own eyes. He apparently deeply knows, that his eyes are the windows to his soul, but he's afraid of what he might or maybe might not see.......

Definately more to come on this book.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

When your having a sucky week....

and nothing seems to be going right, it's time to sit down and remind yourself of the things you have to be thankful for. When you make this list, life doesn't seem quite so sucky anymore. So tonight, I'm making a list of things I am thankful for.

1. My little one (see above), he is such an amazing kid! I am so lucky to get to see this smile everyday! I just love when he wakes up in the morning and I go into his room, he just has lots of smiles to share. What a great way to start any day!

2. My husband! This guy is just too good to be true! While I am a bit biased, he is handsome, sweet, kind, giving, and takes such great care of our family.

3. All of the things our family has been blessed with. We are very fortunate to have what we have.

4. Friends. I am so fortunate to have great friends! It's great to have great friends to share the good times and the bad times with.

5. Our great family!

6. My Mint Mocha Chip Frappacinos!

7. The joy of sharing!

8. The ability to read and get lost in a good book!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Sucky Day....

What a sucky day today has been. I've been feeling a bit run-over lately, but today has been the worst. Last night, I spent about 4 hours trying to get our flight to Paris situated. Here is the quick version of my 4 hours of phone time. Before we made reservations for our flight, we called the airline, because we were unable to make arangements for the little one online. It only gave adult tickets. So, we called about having the little one as a lap infant on the flight. They told us to make the reservations online, and then call them to tell them we had a lap infant, and it would be about $100. So, we make our reservations and then I proceed to call the airline to add the little one. Well, the fair for him to ride on my lap is now $200. The airfair for G and I was only $380 each, so not that big of a savings. I get off the phone with them, and chat with my stepmom about it, and we decided that all would be more comfortable if we just book a seat for him for the additional $180. So, I call the airline back, and tell the service representative what I want to do, and she cancels his lap seat, and tells me to make his reservation online and then call them back to tell them it's an infant ticket, not an adult ticket, and all will be fine.....NOT! So, we make his reservation online, and I call in to change him to infant, and the next representative tells me that we shouldn't have done it that way. Yikes! So now, we do have 3 seats, and they are all together and hopefully it will be a pleasant flight, since it took me 4 hours to book. LOL

So, I finally get to sleep at 3am, and still have to be up by 7am, because we have a contractor finally fixing our laundry room! Yay for the fixing! Hopefully, today was the last time that I will have to spend 3 hours at the laundromat. We are still trying to get the little ones passport squared away, but I'm saving that long story for when it's finally sorted out and not stressing me out. It seems that this week, I have no energy and no desire to really do anything. Suddenly with everything going on this week, I am really uninspired. :(

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Very Productive Day.....

Today has been a very productive day around here. First, we have made our reservations to go to Europe!! Wahoooo!!! We are flying to Paris at the beginning of the November! We also have someone starting tomorrow to put our laundry room back together....FINALLY! The feud with the plumber is far from over, but we are working on that one. G and I went out to lunch today, and then headed for the Halloween store. The little one has his first costume. We tried it on him at the store, and everyone who saw it, thought he was so adorable! He is going to be Tigger, since he's such a bouncy kid! Won't that be a great photo opportunity for mommy!

Tomorrow starts the big run-a-round to get more stuff ready for our trip. I need to go pick up the little one's birth certificate-(it really sucks that you don't get a complimentary one when their born). Then we have to go get passport photos taken, since he needs his first one, and mine alas has expired. Tomorrow should be tons of fun! LOL

Are you ready for the new episode of Laguna Beach....I am! I have no idea why I am so hooked on this show though....maybe someday I will figure it out. I am going to scrap tonight too! I have completed a few projects towards my spending challenge! I completed 2 almost 3 circle journals, and I completed the card kit I got from QVC, so I am well on my way to the 10 projects! Enjoy the Hillary Duff video!