Sunday, March 30, 2008

Someone is on her way to walking!!!!

Princess J took her first few unassisted steps today! She was in her playpen and walked across to get to me to be picked up!!!! She's been trying this for days! Usually, she puts one foot out and falls down...but not today! She was so excited and giggling with all the excitment that Mommy and Daddy were showing!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Our poor little princess is not feeling well today. She's a bit congested and just cranky. I had planned on taking some new photos of her today to mark her birthday, but why torture her when she's not feeling well. We took this photo yesterday, so for today it will have to do.
What an amazing gift from God and such a blessing in our lives this little girl is. She continues to amaze us with her big personality, sassy little attitude and her sweet little love. She's turning into a big hugger and sometimes you can get kisses when you ask! :D She is well on her way to walking....I swear she's gonna start running any day now.
Happy Birthday my sweet little princess! Mommy and Daddy love you bunches!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Year Ago Today....

We were still anticipating the arrival of this little princess. We thought we still had a week to go before she came, but little did we know, we'd be meeting her the very next day. She has brought so much love and joy to us! She continues to amaze us with her little personality and all of things she is doing. I can't believe that tomorrow, this little baby, my little princess is already going to be a ONE YEAR OLD! It really does seem just like yesterday that I was anxious for her to arrive and heading to the hospital to have her. There are so many things that I'm going to miss about this last year, but I am so excited to see everything to come.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

It was just a quiet family day here for Easter. Hope

everyone had a beautiful day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Bunny Adventure!

Every year, I plan on taking care of the Easter Bunny pictures early. Every year, it never happens that way. It's always at the last minute and it's always an adventure. Last year, it was at the last minute because Princess J made her appearance a bit earlier than expected. This year, it was just a matter of timing and way too many things planned. This year, we also had to work around Little J's school schedule and his week of being sick. So, on Friday, we loaded up the car, with strollers and good clothes and headed over to the mall. We decided to get the kids dressed there, so that they would be less likely to make a mess of themselves during the walk from Nordstrom (because everyone knows they have the best (cleanest) changing facilities down the hall to the Easter Bunny. We checked the Easter Bunny schedule and it said they would take their break at 1:15, sweet! 25 minutes to spare! We get to the line and thankfully, there is only one other kid ahead of us. Our excitment was short lived though.....they decided to take their break early!!! Ugh!!! So, we talked to them and got them to let us be first when they came back without having to sit around in line. I had to take Little J's good shirt and sweater off and put his t-shirt back on, because that would have been a mess by the time 2pm rolled around. When 2pm rolled around we got Little J redressed and were ready to go! We let Princess J go first and she was not a happy camper. She was all smiles at the bunny when I was holding her letting her look at and touch his paws, but the minute I handed her off, she just stared at the bunny and then turned to the camera and started screaming! She did this off and on, stopping the screaming long enough to get another look at the bunny, and then back to screaming! Little J on the other hand, loved the bunny! He was so excited when he saw the bunny, he just started giggling with joy! We warned the Easter Bunny to hang on to his hands while they were taking the photo, since he had removed Santa's hat at Christmas! Little J was so good during the photo! He would look at the bunny and when we called to him, he would look at the camera and smile! All was good until the bunny let go of his hands.......Little J went for the bunny head......thankfully it was screwed on tight! LOL!!! The only other bump in the well laid plan was Little J's shoes! Mommy forgot the good shoes!!! Ugh!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Cow! I Miss Food!

You don't know how much you love food, until you can't have what you want! Yesterday, I had to have 4 teeth pulled...Ugh! I will say, that I have the best oral surgeon ever though! My appointment was at 10 am yesterday, and I was done and home by 11 am! I thought for sure it would take longer. I can't believe how hungry I am though! I don't even normally eat breakfast or snack very much throughout the day, but all of the sudden, now that I have to just eat soft foods (mostly liquid), I find myself wanting everything under the sun! I can't believe that I have to go a full 7 days like this! I'm a little grumpy right now too, because I've had to go without my daily Starbucks too! Tomorrow though, I think I'm back on the Starbucks train though. Hopefully, that will make me happier! :D While I'm having my own pitty party right now, I'm going to list the foods I'm missing (most of which are sitting in m pantry or refrigerator calling my name)!! LOL!!

Lays BBQ Potato Chips
Girl Scout Thin Mints
Chinese Food
French Fries
Cupcakes (darn that Haley and Amy for tempting me with those!) :D
Apple Pie (darn that Uncle Joe and Auntie Karen for tempting me with those!) :D
Spicy Food!!!!!

Oh man, I just made myself hungrier than I was before! Thankfully, I did have a yummy milkshake tonight! :D Okay, go eat something yummy for me now!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Krista tagged me!

Here’s the info:
Here are the rules…
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*Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Hmm......7 random facts...... Ok, so here goes, I've posted some of these random facts before though....

1. When buying books, I never take the book from the top of the must be a "virgin" book.

2. I don't like checking books out of the library, because they smell funny, and I'm always worried someone took it into the bathroom...eeewww (remember that episode of Seinfeld where George tries to return a book to Barnes and Noble, but it's been flagged that he took it into the bathroom?)

3. I watch at least 2 episodes of Friends everyday.

4. I love Korean Dramas.

5. I love being a Mom!!! It's the best job ever!

6. When I graduated from High School, I almost joined the US Coast Guard.

7. I hate wearing socks and flat shoes....I know I wear flip flops alot, but it's more of a convenience than what I like. :D

I'm tagging:

Island Jen
and my lil' sis

I know, I only tagged 5, but everyone else I think will complete the tag has already been tagged!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When Life Get's Crazy.....

Take some photos and forget about the craziness for awhile and just have fun! Princess J is such a HAM! Little J is still under the weather and his fever still hasn't broken. Thankfully, (knock on wood) he has not had any breakthrough seizures. He's still his happy little self, but he's obviously fighting some infection, since his fever is ranging between 99.9 and at it's highest 102.5. He continues to eat and play the same, just a bit of coughing and runny nose. Tomorrow, we are going to take him to the pediatrician to just have him checked out. We are hoping for a speedy recovery, as I know he misses his fun at school...and they told me they miss him too. When you have a sick kiddo in the house, it makes your plans for the week change. We had plans to get the kids their Easter finery for photos with the Easter Bunny and then actually visiting the Easter Bunny. We, finally got to the mall today to get the clothes. Princess J loved being hammy at the mall. As we walked in, she was waving at everyone with both hands and making sure that everyone heard that she had arrived. It ws so stinkin' cute! We finally found Princess J her Easter Dress as well as a dress for her birthday at Macy's. Why do I always forget to look there in the begining. They always have such cute stuff, and a lot of times it's on sale. Little J was a little harder to shop for, since he's getting to that age, where all the boy stuff just starts to look the same and it's not all that unique. We finally found him a cute big boy outfit at The Children's Place....along with a cute little coat to go with Princess J's birthday dress. I can't wait to get the photos done now!!!! I have to say, that today while we were shopping, the staff at the Children's Place was ON FIRE with their awesome customer service...and they were super friendly. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

On another note, why didn't I think of this? The Miche Bag....what a brilliant idea!!! Can't wait to start using it and switching up the look!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Little Cupcake!

I have been on a photo taking palooza lately. This weekend and beginning of the week, I had all kinds of photo ops planned. Unfortunatley, Little J was not up to it after Sunday. Little J has been a bit under the weather, with what seems to be a sore throat, runny nose and a bit of a temperature. So, on Monday, I took Princess J out to the front yard and got some sweet pictures. She is just cracking us up with all of her peek-a-boo playing and waving. she waves at everyone and everything! Today, while G was out in the garage, she kept opening the door and closing the door to play peek-a-boo. The funniest thing now, is taking her to the grocery store. She likes to chit chat the entire time and wave at everyone....until they wave back at her, then she ducks her head down to play shy little mama. I love the photos here. Especially the one of her waving at Daddy. She wouldn't even look at the camera while she was watching Daddy and waving. The last one is my total photo ham! More Hammy!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Couple More Silly Pictures

Just a couple more pictures to add to yesterdays post. I just love their smiles! If you didn't see yesterday's post, check out the photos!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Almost One Year.....

I cannot believe that this little girl is almost a one year old! It still seems like yesterday that she made her arrival. She is such a joy to have around....even with her sassy little attitude. She is doing so many things and trying new things everyday. She just amazes us. Currently her newest thing is standing up on her own without holding on. She is so proud of herself and even claps for herself. It is so stinkin' cute! Her favorite thing is to play peek-a-boo. She will pull that blanket up over her head and pull it down laughing excitedly the entire time. I think if given the opportunity, she would do it all day and night!

Grandpa and Grandma have been here for a couple of weeks now and Princess J is getting a little bit of spoiling from them.....she loves sitting and watching tv with Grandpa....he's a good cushion! Little J loves having Grandpa in the back seat with him. Whenever we go shopping, Grandpa and Little J sit in the car and nap together.

Princess J and I joined a new mommy meetup group. Last week, they had a meet at our local park, so we headed down to explore the park! Princess J loved every minute of it!!! This was really her first time to explore the park and get dirty. Since Little J is in school, it's a little easier to get out for a little while with her and let her do some exploring. It looks like they have a lot of great meetups planned, so hopefully we can work a few more into our schedule.

The first time she was on the swing, she tolerated it for a few minutes and then made it clear she wanted off. I let her play in the sand and crawl around and then she was ready for another go at the swing. This time she laughed her self silly with the wind in her face.

It's so nice that the weather is making weekends a fun time to be outdoors lately. Today was so beautiful, that before the kids and I headed out the door, I had to plop them on the grass and try to get a couple of shots of them together. You know how it goes with kids, when one smiles, the other looks away or closes their eyes. I love this one of Little J trying to pull Princess J's bow off of her head. She had just gotten done taking it off and mommy putting it back on. Just as soon as I walked away, Little J decided to try and help her cause and pull it off himself.

You may have noticed a firstgiving button on the side of my blog. This is another fundraising activity that we will be participating in to raise funds for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. We will be walking in the walk-a-thon on May 17th in Sacramento. I'll put more information up as it gets closer. In the meantime, if you'd like to donate, we would greatly appreciate the support. If you would like to participate and walk with our team, we would love that as well!