Saturday, April 28, 2007

OMG! This is too funny!!

This is way too funny! Thanks Jenn for sharing it. I will have to keep an eye out for more funny stuff from Anjelah Johnson.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What do I need?

Got this from Jo's blog.

Laurie needs to read for CBE certification.
Laurie needs to get Laura off the computer.
Laurie needs mourning and rememberance.
Laurie needs to get a picture of The Soba wearing the Hello Kitty Tiara.
Laurie needs flight school.
Laurie needs daily support.
Laurie needs to lose.
Laurie needs a test instance up at the same time USU gets theirs.
Laurie needs someone who knows where he's going, not someone who will get her more mixes up.

Too funny...try it yourself.... Google LINK FIXED

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Housekeeping Quiz

Here is a fun housekeeping quiz! Got this from Jenn's blog. Not that there is a whole lot of housekeeping going on here these days, but that is beside the point. LOL!

Aprons - Y/N? If yes, what does your favorite look like?

Yes. Love my Hello Kitty apron....what else would I have on my apron?

Baking - Favorite thing to bake: Cookies

Clothesline - Y/N? No

Donuts - No

Every day - One homemaking thing you do every day: dishes!!!!

Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freeze? No

Garbage Disposal - Y/N? Yes.

Handbook - Real Simple magazine

Ironing - Love it or Hate it? Not my favorite, but I do it all the time.

Junk Drawer - Y/N? Yes, several.

Kitchen - Color and decorating scheme? Next on the list for renovation around here. Right now, it's right outta the 60's. Hate it!

Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking? Since having the baby, it's now cooking and baking. I liked it before, but while I was preggo, I was always too tired to even go near the kitchen

Mop - Y/N? Yes....Swifter wet jet that is!

Nylons - Nope...The Filipino in me, let's me easily skip them.

Oven - Do you use the window or open the door to check?- I usually just open the door.

Pizza - What do you put on yours?- Pepperoni,Mushrooms,Sausage and Onion. Also known as the PMS....Oh heck no I'm not the delivery guy! LOL

Quiet - Read

Recipe card box - Y/N? Y What does it look like? I have a wooden box that my grandfather made for my grandmother to store recipes in.

Style of house - What is the style of your house? We are slowly updating it, so it's a cross between retro 60's and updating to modern neutral.

Tablecloths and napkins - Y/N? Sometimes

Under the kitchen sink - organized in the front (stuff I use regularly) kinda scary in the back!!

Vacuum - Yes..Love a central vacuum system! One hose and attachments for upstairs and one for downstairs so I never have to lug anything around. Usually G does the vacuuming too!

Wash - How many loads of laundry do you do per week? Too many to count! Especially with the arrival of Princess J!

X's - Do you keep a list of things to do that you cross off? Always! Lists make me feel like I am accomplishing things. Plus if I don't write things down, I will forget. Sometimes I even forget where I put the list!!!!

Yard - Y/N? Who does what? We're getting ready to have a landscaper come and do our huge yard, and then we're getting a gardner! No time to keep it up with these two kiddos!

Zzz's - Clean up the dishes from dinner.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A New Look!

So my life has been taken over by this little princess! I'm loving most every minute of it though! She's quite a demanding little one, but she deserves it! Things have certainly been crazy around here, our lives pretty much revolve around feeding kids these days. Between Princess J demanding food every 3 hours and Little J's need for his regular schedule and lots of platytime and attention from mommy and daddy there isn't much time for anything else. I LOVE IT!!

I thought that since the girl to boy ratio in this house has reached 50/50 it was time to bring a little pink to the old blog. A little brightness for when I'm up in the middle of the night unable to return to sleep! LOL! Thank goodness, for our new laptop, or I don't know if I would be online at all! Love sitting in bed while the little one sleeps next to me and getting a little surf time.

We've been taking tons of photos, I still need to get new ones uploaded and pick up the ones I've ordered from Costco. Can't wait to find some time to get some scrapping in. Well, since I'm doing nothing but rambling here and I really have nothing profound at this moment to say.....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

So in Love!

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that Princess J is almost 3 weeks old. I just can't wrap my brain around the fact that she's actually here and I get to hold her and love her, but I also can't wrap my brain around the fact that she hasn't always been here. See what a few hormones can do to you? It's just crazy! One minute, I'm so thankful that she's here and then the next minute, I'm so sad that I'm not pregnant with her anymore! I told G that the other day, and he kept trying to remind me how uncomfortable I was the last few weeks of the pregnancy. I told him, that I realized that, but I still miss it. Things are going well, she's growing like crazy, this little girl does not miss any meals! She does not like to sleep in her bassinette yet, but we're getting there. We went from no hours in the bassinette to a 2 hour stint and a 3 hour stint all in the same night. So, like I said, we're getting there. Last night, I enjoyed a much needed break with friends. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband that was up to the task of juggling our two little ones, while I went out to visit (and get a little bit of scrapping done). It was so nice! I didn't stay very long....I really started missing Princess J after about 4 hours, but just a bit of chatting with Erin , Suzy, Michelle,Nichole and Roccio was just what this new mommy needed!

Also, a huge thank you to Roccio, who picked up some adorable little outfits and socks for Princess J! I can't wait till they fit her! She is going to be so stinkin' cute in that stuff! It's nice, now that I can actually use some pink and bling in my scrapbooking!! So many photoshoots in my head, with all the cute clothes she's received from family and friends!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Look What I Found!!!

MY THUMB! It's pretty yummy too.

Just a quick hijack from Mommy to share my find! Mommy will share our trip to the Easter Bunny later! It was very eventful!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Welcome Princess J!

Wow! It's been awhile since I've blogged! I really have a very good reason though! On March 27th....exactly 1 week before our scheduled c-section, Princess J decided to make her grand entrance! She decided that she did not want anything about her arrival planned! I had my regular doctor appointment scheduled, and about a half an hour before the appointment, I thought I might have leaked some fluid. After my doctor checked me out, she sent me to the hospital to be checked. They checked the fluid, but it was negative on the leakage...Yay! When they hooked me up to the monitor though, I was having contractions 2 minutes apart. They kept asking me if I felt them, but alas I did not. I knew the minute she said I was having the contractions, that we were having our little princess that day. By the time they got me prepped for the c-section, I was having them 1 minute apart, and still could not feel them. Crazy! Poor G, was at work getting ready to teach a portion of a training day class when I called him. He totally thought I was kidding, when I said, that we were having the baby that day! She arrived at 1:43 pm completely beautiful! She has daddy completely smitten and wrapped around her tiny little finger!

We are absolutely in complete love with this little one! She really is our little princess! I am so excited, because tomorrow, we are headed to visit the Easter bunny with the kiddos. I cannot wait to see Princess J with the Easter Bunny. I still remember Little J's first photo with Santa not 2 weeks after he was born. So tiny and adorable in Santa's arms. I know it will be the same with Princess J in the Easter Bunny's arms!

Well, off to take more photos!! Will have to post some more real soon!