Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Melting HOT!

We've been complaining for days....okay months about where our summer has's here now! HOLY MOLY it's been HOT! While summer overheats the outside, we're staying nice and cool inside with the AC! Tomorrow the heat is supposed to break and we'll get some cool Bay Area weather back. I like hot, but not melting hot! Since this is the last week of summer vacation (well vacation for Little J) we're planning to do something fun tomorrow. On tap is either a trip to Fairyland or Fisherman's Warf. So look for some touristy photos tomorrow!
Love these little close up shots I got of Princess J the other day. Her favorite thing right now is to wear a "ballerina dress" and you can't forget the princess lip gloss! Too cute!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Whole Enchilada!

This post should be titled "The Works Burger" or something else more fitting. These 3 beautiful faces have been keeping us super busy! I used to LOVE summer break when I was in school, but now I'm not so sure why they call it summer break.....we're not getting any a matter of fact we're counting down the days until school starts back up again and we can get back into a routine groove! It's not just G and I counting down the days, but I think Little J is too! Princess J is looking forward to going back to preschool as well. She misses her friend Brian! LOL! Already chasing after the boys! are the updates:
Little J- OMG! He is going to be a FIRST GRADER this year! Wow! He is doing really well right now. He is full of energy and always on the move. He loves his brother and sister....and most of the time you can see it in his behavior. Often times if we are trying to do something with Little J that he needs to be still for we have to ask Princess to leave the room, because he is so excited to see her! They do have their sibling moments where they torture each other but most of the time they are happy to see each other. Little J is very in tune to Princess J's emotions. On many occasions if Princess J gets in trouble.....Little J ends up crying....he hates it when we get mad at her!
Some favorites:
COOKIES (any kind)!
Fruit (apples, grapes, and melons)
Monsters Inc.
Planet 51
TV shows
The Upside Down Show: Every night for an hour we hear complete and full belly laughs over this show! We need to find the DVD's for this show!
Princess J: We are in the midst of the "horrifying 3's" She is on her own program and thinks that this is the Princess J show. Every other word out of her mouth is NO! Some of the things she says are hilarious and you almost wonder where she gets this stuff from. The other day she told me "Let's go clean my room!" Um...yeah...okay...I said "Let's go!" We get to her room and she says okay clean, I'll play! HILARIOUS!
She tells me when I'm not doing something the right.....No mommy...that's not right! LOL! Like when I tried singing "The Wheels on the Bus" for her....sigh.....LOL!
She's always looking out for her brothers! She's very intuitive to what they want...especially Little J. He drops toys and she goes to get them for him. She loves to help put Peanut J to bed at night and she tells them she loves them.
She's still the pickiest eater on the the point of frustration. Thankfully, she drinks her instant breakfast drink without tantrum and she loves to eat fruit....although don't you dare leave skin on the apple! OY!
Everyday she asks for McDonalds!
Princess J favorites:
Playing dress up
Vanilla wafers
Her Hello Kitty wellies
anything sparkly!
Chica (on Sprout)
Team Umizoomi
Sesame Street....I really don't get this one...but everyday she tells me "I don't like it!" and brings me the remote to change the channel. She does like Elmo and the rest of the characters...but only in books and magazines...hmmmmmm....
Peanut J: OMG! This little man is 1! I cannot even believe it! What a sweet little wiggle worm he is! He is always on the move! He is getting ready to walk...he's working on it...he gets a few steps and then falls at this point. He seems to love almost any food we put in front of him.....but he's not really liking the transition from formula to regular milk....He puts up with 6 oz formula/2 oz milk mix....but he puts his foot down at 4oz formula/4oz milk......we'll keep working on it though.
Peanut J is really loving Sesame Street! Sigh......can't get Princess J to watch sometimes it's a battle.
With school starting for both Little J full time from 8am to 2:30 in the afternoon and Princess J going to preschool 3 days a week....I am finally going to have some one on one time with Peanut J! I'm looking for a baby gym program for him to start! Princess J also wants to be a ballerina right now, so I think we're going to look for a little dance class for her and see how it goes. She is really blossoming right now. Her speech is coming along well and she's VERY GOOD at expressing herself. She has an amazing imagination and plays so well by herself as well as finding it easy to make new friends. She tries to make friends everywhere......doctors offices, restaurants...anywhere! She'll talk to any kid...thank goodness she won't just talk to any adult! LOL!
To clarify my last post....there is no fetus J in the oven at this time, nor do I anticipate one. Our plan is that Peanut is our last one....this makes me a little sad as I miss that itty bitty baby stage and I am a little sad that I won't be preggo again....but when I feel a little misty over it...reality smacks me on the forehead! My last post was about how last year we had two independent little ones on the outside and 1 little bun in the was much easier to take of 2 kids and 1 in utero rather than 3 independent beings! LOL!
All 3 of my J's are amazing little kids in their own ways. G and I are very blessed to have each and every one of them. We are so proud of each of them.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coming Back Soon!

The best laid plans don't always come out the way you thought. Summer break got here faster than I anticipated and with 3 kids this year instead of 2 and 1 baking in the oven it's been crazy! I'll be back this weekend with an update on all the J's and a special Happy Birthday to our 1 year old Peanut J!