Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yet Another New Begining....

Sigh....I cannot seem to commit to this blog again. I really want to commit, but I have not yet been very successful. Life seems to be moving too fast for me these days. We seem to be bouncing from one activity to another. I thought with school being out for summer that things might slow down a bit, but these kids can't sit still for a second! They are always on the move! In an effort to make a better commitment with not only my blog, but with other activities I love that have been neglected, I'm putting it right here.....I WILL COMMIT to this blog, reading books more often, organizing my craft space and actually getting crafty with the mountain of supplies I have.....there I said it! My first goal is to get some semblance of clean in the scrap space....there is stuff....well EVERYWHERE! Ugh!'s out there, I am going to get clean and crafty....

This next week will be busy, Hubby is off work for the next week, Little J started summer school and Princess J is participating in Vacation Bible School! She's gotten through week 1 and was FABULOUS! Pictures to come! Princess J and Peanut J (who will hereafter be called Honey Badger), signed up for the Summer Reading Game at the Library too!

I won't promise a blog post in the next week, but I'm going to try....Next Saturday night though, I will post an update on my progress with the clean and crafty plan as well as my reading plan. Maybe I'll finally finish the book I've been reading for what seems 6 months! OY!

Off to rest up for a new day tomorrow......a new day to start over!