Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Her Royal Highness gets her royal bed.....

THE CRIB IS GONE! It's been dismantled and removed from service (sniff....sniff) . We found the perfect bed for our little royal princess as well. She is doing great sleeping in her new bed at night. Still (knock on wood) sleeping through the night as before. She does love the new freedom she has in her room in the morning though. She loves to take all her books out, a couple of toys and then get into her drawer of hats. The first morning she woke up in her new bed, she was running all over her room like the cartoon character The Tazmanian Devil and doing dances on her rug. It was so stinking cute!

Nap time has not been quite as easy as bed time. The first day, it took mommy over an hour of laying in her room on the floor and putting her back in bed over and over again before she finally settled down for her nap. We've made great progress in 24 hours though, as it only took 15 minutes today to get her down.

Next up for the little princess is her "Royal Throne" as we start potty training in a little over a week. While I won't be sharing photos of our princess on her throne, I will post a photo of the "Royal Throne" when it arrives, as it is soooo stinkin' cute! LOL! My goal is to get her out of diapers before this new little peanut arrives! Keeping my fingers crossed that it works!
I am so proud of this little girl and am sooo lucky to be her mommy! Since we moved her to her big girl bed, she is acting like a big girl. She helps clean up her mess (most of the time) without drama. She is doing what she is told about 90% of the time....eventhough sometimes she's shaking her head no as she does it. LOL! She's still being a really really picky eater. I'm hoping she's gained a little bit of weight for her visit tomorrow, but I'm not too worried about it if she hasn't. She's just taking after her mommy. She is definately my "payback" for all the things I did when I was little. I don't know why my parents thought I needed payback though....she's just perfect! LOL!