Monday, December 20, 2010

The Trio visits Santa! (and what I've learned this year)

Every year I learn something new when taking the kids Santa photos. This years list:
1. I think I look forward to the Santa visits more than the kids do.
2. Peanut J is definitely following in Princess J's footsteps and will be giving me more screaming Santa photos to add to my collection.
3. Little J gets to take his photo at a special holiday party put on by the United Cerebral Palsy of the Golden Gate. It's a fabulous party for children with special needs. Every year they have Santa along with "Santa's Elves" who happen to be beautiful ladies in cheerleader uniforms....last years "elves" were the Raiderettes....this years "elves" were the Warrior cheerleaders. Every year it becomes more apparent that Little J is more interested in the ladies than he is in Santa.....notice his eye gaze is not at the camera this year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What a Princess wants for Christmas when she's 3.....

Princess J is all about Christmas this year. She completely understands the concept now and is really enjoying all of the decorations and fun things going on this month. Everyday she has to look at the Christmas tree at least 100 times. This girl does not miss anything either...she notices any new present that makes an appearance.

She wrote a sweet letter to Santa this year.....

On her wish list:
Playskool Alphie

Dora House

Pillow Pet Zippity Zebra

Pillow Pet Dinosaur

Her letter was so cute and we had our postman come to the door to pick up her letter, she was so excited to send it off to Santa! Sadly, I didn't take photos of her handing her letter to the postman, since he was running behind and it was so nice of him to come to the door for her letter.

She was not so thrilled to actually go see Santa this year. The minute we got to Santa's visiting area at the mall, she started crying. Thankfully, we were third in line when they opened. She stopped crying long enough to snap a photo with Santa....even if she had a look on her face like "please mama get me outta here!" Santa was so good to her as well. He did very well keeping her calm during the photo and then really engaged her after the photo. She took the time to ask him if he got her letter and he told her he did and that she was definitely on the good list! She was so happy to hear that!

Princess J had a school holiday party and I have photos from that coming soon!

Santa photos coming soon!