Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Halloweenie!

Whew! What a busy week Halloween was! Yep, I said it....Halloween has now officially become a week long holiday event! Between making treats for the kiddos to take to their classes and making sure we had candy for trick or treating and costumes that fit it was a whirlwind!
First up, Princess J had two costumes! Her preschool had a little trick or treat event at the school district offices. They didn't want any costumes that were too elaborate or had any pieces to carry and keep track of. Soooo, I was very lucky to have a Tinkerbell costume in our arsenal! Grandma had purchased it for her last year to play dress up with and it hadn't fit quite came in quite handy this year! Thanks Grandma! Then, when Halloween costumes first came out, she saw this Strawberry butterfly princess and decided that was what she wanted to be. She had so much fun! She loved wearing both of her costumes and loved telling people what she was....and if they guessed wrong she loved making sure to correct them! We didn't trick or treat too far, she was done after about 10 houses. She had just as much fun handing out candy to the gazzillion kids that came to our door. It was as if someone brought a bus to our neighborhood....
Little J finally got to participate in his school Halloween parade! Yay! Last year he was so sick! He wore his Superman costume and he wore it well! Super kid, super strength and super smile! Loved his parade! Those teachers and aides work hard for those kids! Eight kids in the class and dressing all of them and keeping them all occupied while they wait their turn for the parade. They did lots of art projects leading up to Halloween too! We have lots of Little J created Halloween decorations now too!

The photos were soo hard to capture this year. Peanut J jsut wanted to make sure he had his car in his hand and was so busy watching all the other kids in the neighborhood, I had a hard time getting him to look at me! Princess J was everywhere, I couldn't keep her still for an instant! Always on the move!

Peanut J! What a fun one he was! His costume last year was so big, we thought that he might be able to wear it again this year....but it was not to be. So....while Princess J and Little J were at school we headed out to find this years costume. He tried on 4 costumes with an audience. They probably thought I was silly asking this little guy what he wanted to be....we tried on a spider, a lion, a puppy and this little monster. The spider, he wouldn't keep the hat on, the lion he hated the hood and kept pushing it around. It was one of those that was seperate from the body of the costume and it came around the whole head, so when he'd turn it around he could no longer see and would scream! Nice! The puppy he wouldn't even let me put his arms in the body...but when we put the monster on he just started smiling...along with his audience who proclaimed him the cutest monster! Without any bias, I have to agree! LOL!
All in all, Halloween was a great time! Princess J didn't want it to end. The dismantle of all the decorations inside and out brought tears and a "I want Halloween to be today again!"
I have a crafty post coming up soon too! I got crafty for Halloween for the kiddos and feel like I'm finally getting a little mojo back. More on that in another post!