Saturday, May 29, 2010

Challenger Jamboree 2010-{just a lil' peak}

This month has been super busy, super fun and super exhausting all at the same time!
Today, Little J had his Challenger Little League Jamboree. What a fun day! It started out with a game at 9am, a medal ceremony, a welcome ceremony, full jamboree participants photos....(over 300 amazing kids!), and a BBQ lunch!
I'll have more photos to share later (and more to say too), but if you ever get the chance to get out and watch a Challenger Little League game, you will have the best time! There is nothing more heartwarming or joyful than seeing these amazing kids out there playing America's game and just having a good time. There are no fights, everyone scores, everyone plays, everyone wins! The families that participate, the people who volunteer to coach and assist are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Strike A Pose

It's not often that this little girl will pose for the camera, but on this day, she decided to rock her Backyardigans lunch box and her Hello Kitty sunglasses before school. She I've said before...HILARIOUS!!!! Everytime I snapped a shot, she would change her pose....and that sassy face! We were having so much fun I wanted to keep her home from school that day....but just as quickly as she became a supermodel....she turned into an All done diva!
More coming soon on Little J and Peanut J!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Golden Arches.....

This little girl is such a crack up these days. The things that come out of her mouth and her imagination are HILARIOUS!
She started attending preschool in March and just amazes me! Her teacher has been really impressed with everything she understands and demonstrates in class and how quickly she catches on to things. We are so proud of her! Her speech and vocabulary are growing by leaps and bounds...she's turning into a real chatty girl!
Recently she made a candlestick and a spider in her class (reminder for me to take a photo of them). They used them to act out Jack Be Nimble and Little Miss Muffet. It was too cute! Now, I love saying these rhymes with her and having her fill in most of the important words. I love her 3 year old way of saying "curds and whey", "Miss Muffet", "Nimble" and especially "over my candlestick". I can't get enough and I know I'm driving her crazy asking her over and over. I keep trying to record it, but it's not turning out....I will keep trying as long as she'll let me!
This girl is in LOVE with McDonalds! During Josh's T-Ball season, we've been having it once a week, which is far more often than they usually get it. Since we don't have our normal T-Ball schedule this week, I decided to get her McDonalds for lunch today. Later this afternoon, she takes one of the kitchen table chairs and lines it up with her two small table chairs like a car and she pretends she's driving....she turns around and....
Princess J: I driving to McDonalds!
Me: Really? Are you almost there?
Princess J: Yeah!
Me: Could you get mommy some french fries while your there?
Princess J: I got it!
Me: You're back already?
Princess J: Yeah!
She gets out of her "car" and comes over to me pretending to carry french fries....
Princess J: French Fry! (While handing them to me)
Me: Did you bring any for Little J?
Princess J: No
Me: Could you give him some of mommy's?
Princess J: Ok...(as she takes some from me) she walks over to Little J and puts some on his tray.
Me: Did you bring some for Peanut J?
Princess J: No...too little.
Later playing with her blocks she built a little house and made a line of blocks along side it. She said it was McDonalds.....we're in trouble!

Monday, May 03, 2010


This little boy is so stinkin' sweet! He is growing up WAY too fast!
I love these sweet gummy smiles, but those will soon come to an end and I'll have a little boy with a tooth! Poor little guy has been pretty fussy all day, ended up taking a late nap and is up late now...and still a bit fussy. I felt it...the tooth finally making it's break for the top of the gumline. Can't wait to get through this teething stage now that it's really underway...but...sniff...sniff...sniff...I'm going to really miss this gummy little smile.
These days, at 9 months Peanut J:
Is really very easy going. He knows how demanding his brother and sister are and just goes with the flow....when he really wants something though...he knows how to let you know!
He is fascinated by his Little J and especially Princess J. He's always trying to grab on to her...she's not a very willing participant. It's on her terms or not at all!
He likes the ladies...Dora, Kai-Lan and any pretty girl who wants to give him some attention. He knows how to bat those pretty little eyes and give that sly flirty smile.
He loves to carry on conversations! Especially, when he's in the back seat of the mini-van...he doesn't want any of us to forget he's there. When's he's not "talking" back there...he's snoozing. The car ride is an instant sleep inducer for him. I think he's going to be like his sister and as he gets older he'll get mad when the car stops....I see inklings of it now...but we'll see. That's my prediction though.
He loves to jump in his bouncer!
He can crawl, but he knows he can get there faster by rolling. He'll crawl a few steps forward and then start rolling.
He can sit, but he's not interested in doing it for too long....he's got places to go...apparently.
He's already trying to grasp onto things to pull himself up...he's not getting to far with that though....yet!
He's a great eater! He'll eat anything you give far....
He's become a great sleeper! After consistent 5 & 6 hour feedings, he's finally sleeping through the night! Yay!
I am just so blessed by this little boy. I honestly cannot imagine my life without that sweet little face!