Friday, December 29, 2006

So much going on!!

I thought that once Christmas was over, that things would slow down and there would be a bit of relaxing on the homefront here. Not so! It's been wicked busy all the way through!

Poor Little J got sick the Wednesday before Christmas, and ended up in the emergency room on Thursday night. We had taken him to the doctor on Thursday morning, and she diagnosed him with Croup. It was awful, the poor little guy was miserable! Everything had been going exactly like his doctor said it would, but on Thursday night around 10pm he had a febrile seizure. It didn't last very long, nor was it quite as scary as I had always imagined, but he certainly was out of it afterwards. They were so good to him at the ER and took great care of him. We got him home and he's been on the quick mend ever since.

We've got tons of photos for Christmas, but have not had a chance to upload them yet...soon...very soon! Little J had a great Christmas! He got so much loot, I think he's going to think it's Christmas everyday around here for awhile. Love the look on his face when he sees something new and fun to play with and explore!

On Wednesday the 27th, I got to go see the Dancing with the Stars tour in San Jose! That was a blast!!! I thought that originally, that Max and Willa were supposed to be touring with the group, because I wanted to see that chemistry up close! Alas, they were not there. It was Joey McIntyre with Kym Johnson, Lisa Rinna with Louie, Harry Hamlin with Karina, Joey Lawrence with Edyta, and Drew Lachey with Cheryl. They were all awesome!!

Well, that's all I have time to update now, I really should be straightening out my scrap area and getting my Cricut set up for play!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Who is this guy?

Mommy says he is some guy named Santa Clause, and that he will bring me lots of presents! I'll let you know if he does....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Since someone was complaning.....

about me not updating my blog, here I am with a short little post. I've been thinking of posting this since Sunday, but with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I never quite got around to it, I'll do it now!


We'd been rooting for him since the beginning!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Where are all my curls???

Little J got his first big boy haircut today. It was so adorable, and sad at the same time. He was such a good little boy while Marta gave him his first big boy cut. He was fascinated by the scissors, the comb and the clippers, but he was so sweet while she went to work turning him into a big boy. His new haircut is so adorable, but I miss those baby curls already! His hair was so unruly, and since it's almost time for that Santa photo we had to get in under control.

This weekend is going to be crazy busy now! Tomorrow, I have a few errends to run, and then tomorrow night we have G's Christmas party. That should be lots of fun. The only not so fun part, is going to the mall and looking at all the cute holiday clothes out there, and then heading to the maternity store and buying a tent. I ended up just getting a cute shirt to wear with some black pants, and then picked up some new shoes. Can't wait to wear them. Probably my last huraah in high heels for awhile. On Sunday, Lizz is getting married. I'm so excited for her!! She's been working so hard planning this wedding, and I know it's going to be perfect for her! Congratulations Lizz!!!

On Monday, the contractors come back and hopefully will get the majority of the bathroom complete, and it's time for us to start getting ready for my parents to get here! Whewwwwww....I think I better find a way to schedule some breathing time...not to mention some scrap time!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Our house is bustling with activity!

Wow, have we been busy lately! I was just looking at our calendar, and I am blown away at the amount of things we have going on around wonder I'm exhausted! I think I'm going to have to make a copy and condense our December calendar so I can scrap it.

Today, the contractor came and started on our bathroom remodel! I am so excited to finally get our guest bathroom back! I can't wait until next week when it's all done. They just put in the new shower today, and we're just waiting for the county inspector to sign off on it...then everything will start coming together. Can't wait! I'll try to take a picture tonight and then post it tomorrow.

I really need to get to scrapping, I have so much stuff that I want to work on, I actually have the mojo, but I have no energy.

I'm getting excited too, because my parents are coming home for the holidays. They arrive next Wednesday!!! Wahoooooo!!! It will be nice to have the extra help while G goes back to work. Little J is getting so big and hard to carry around for me. Especially with his little sister taking up so much room up!! :)

Tomorrow should be a good picture day! Little J is getting his first official haircut!! I can't wait to get his cute little mop under control!! I hope he busts out with that cute little smile of his too. I'm recharging the battery on the camera as we speak, so I know I'll be ready to get those cute little photos!! Something else to look forward to tomorrow on the old blog!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


For the past 11 days, we have been praying for the safe return home of the Kim family from San Francisco. We were so elated a few days ago when they found Kati Kim and her two daughters alive! This family had been so brave and resourceful, that we held out hope and continued to pray for James Kim and that he would soon be joyfully and safely reunited with his family. It is heartbreaking that the search for him has come to the end that it has. Our family is sending many prayers to the Kim family during this difficult time. For continuing information and to sign their guest book, please visit
The Kim Family website.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Scrapbook Motherload....and then some!

What a fun time!!! If you read my last post, you saw that I found this cute little scrap store in Bend, Oregon..... Scrapbooking Outside the Box. I thought I'd share with you some of the loot I picked up. We just got back on Wednesday, and then this weekend was crazy busy! On Friday, Krista had a purse party. What fun that was! There were lots of gals there already, since I was late for the opening run at the merchandise. It was crazy! I walked in and there were at least 20 women holding on to at least 4 bags each for dear life! Then there was this calm, where everyone was just waiting and watching for someone to put down a bag they were coveting! I think at one point, I was holding on to 5 bags. I just couldn't decide. I was carrying around this one bag that everyone seemed to want, I had a line for it. Then one of the gals who wanted the bag had a bag that Suzy really wanted. So, I made a deal with her, if she gave Suzy the bag she wanted, she could have the one I had. Afterall, it is Christmas, and I really shouldn't be buying myself 5 purses! LOL! She went for it, so Suzy got her bag and I picked up the cute one in the picture above! Krista put on a great party, lots of great snacks and drinks (even though I couldn't try one of those pomogranite martini's)!
Saturday, was a full day of fun! The group of gals I day crop with at the garage periodically (meaning not as often as I would like) had our annual cookie exchange. YUMMY! There are some yummy cookies in my house now! It was lots of fun chatting with the gals and eating the scrumptious cookies! Then we had our mechanic's gift exchange! Sylvia hooked me up with a fabulous gift of the new Foofala paper, buttons and ribbon. She even added a few pieces of yummo chocolate! Thanks Sylvia!!!
Then I took Michelle's fabulous class! What a fun filled day! I also picked up some more scrapping goodies at the garage as well. I put all my stuff including the purse on my couch and all I could think was WOW! I hit the scrapbook motherload....and then some!!!