Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Fluff Post!

So, my desire to scrap is there, but my mojo is still missing, so again, if you happen to find my mojo....send it back!!

Anyway, I am so glad that all my favorite shows are back with new episodes! I couldn't believe how long some of these shows have been on, and I keep tuning in every year. For examply, ER has been on for 13 years! I couldn't believe when I saw that in the season opener description. I have not missed an episode since the beginning and I still LOVE that show! Other favorites I'm glad to see back are Law and Order SVU, Law and Order, CSI (Las Vegas), and Desperate Housewives. All of these are guilty pleasures for me. LOL Some new ones I'm glad to see are 'Till Death Do Us Part...Brad Garrett is hilarious! Brothers and Sisters as well. I think I am hooked on the show, and I hadn't even planned on watching it. I'm glad to see Calista Flockhart back on TV...I've missed her since Ally McBeal.

Reality shows? Did I forget to mention those? Survivor: Cook Island is rocking! Amazing Race 10....yep I said 10 already? I can't believe there have been that many! Laguna Beach, although it just isn't as good as the last 2 seasons, I'm still watching it though. Speaking of Laguna Beach....did anyone watch the spinoff...The Hills? I couldn't believe it when Lauren decided to stay with Jason instead of taking an amazing opportunity to work in Paris! I think it sucked that he was so's not like he had much holding him back here....oh wait, the local club scene is important I guess. What an amazing opportunity she passed up....and then I heard they broke up.

I am definatley hooked on Dancing with the Stars! Go Emmit Smith....he and Cheryl Burke look so adorable together. I was kinda sad to see Shanna Moakler go...but I guess someone has to go every week. I just hope that Emmit Smith and Harry Hamlin stick in there!

I'm hoping that Dog the Bounty Hunter keeps catching criminals and taping his show. I'm hoping that his current legal situation doesn't interfere. I think his wife Beth said it best, when on the show Dog: The Family Speaks she said that by arresting Dog for going to Mexico to catch a horrific criminal, that we are telling criminals that to avoid prosecution and or your scentence, head south of the border. I think it's crazy! I realize that when you are in another country you have to respect their laws, but give me a break. Did Mexico really want Andrew Lustre in their country? How many women did he get a hold of there? It's better for both countries and Andrew's victims, that Dog caught him and brought him back for justice.

...hoping off my soapbox now :)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Where exactly does it go?

Lately, I have been feeling like scrapping, but have absolutely no mojo to do so. Where does this mojo go when it's missing? I think the thing that sucks the most though, is that I actually feel like doing some scrapping, but have zero ideas for what I want to do! So, why does mojo have to go away? Where does it go? Does it go to some other scrapper and we just pass the mojo around? Well, whoever has it.....I WANT MY MOJO BACK!!

Things have been crazy around here! We are actually trying to finish up the projects upstairs before winter hits. We've also been getting bids for a new furnace and new air conditioner. I can't wait till that happens. Hopefully it will make a big impact on our PG&E bill. G's dad is coming in a couple of weeks, and they are going to rip out the tile in our hall/entry way. They peeked underneath, and there is hardwood under there. Hopefully it is in good condition. If not, they are going to sand and try to refinish it, or we'll put new tile down. I've picked out a couple as backup. If the hardwood is salvagable, I guess we'll be turning into a shoe-free house....don't want to ding up the pretty floors you know!

Vegas was lots of fun. It was so nice to go to sleep without hearing the binkie banging on the crib, not have to change any smelly diapers and only have to worry about feeding myself! Wahooo! That's what I call a vacation. I really missed little J, but I could have stayed away a few more days. We were so busy relaxing, that I didn't even take any pictures! Shocking I know! I guess it just goes along with the "What Happens in Vegas....Stays in Vegas!! We saw the Cirque Du Soleil Beetles Love show at the Mirage. It was fantastic! If you get the chance, you should definately catch this show. This was the first time we've ever gone to a Vegas show, and now we are hooked. Hopefully next time we go we can see the Ka show playing at the MGM.

Chat with ya'll very soon!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

So, G and I are headed off to Las Vegas for a few days. I' m really gonna miss Little J! He's staying home with Grandma and Grandpa, so I'm sure when we get back, he'll be good and spoiled! I'm really looking forward to some time for just G and I, with no other worries. It will be nice to sleep and not have someone (Little J) want to play fetch the binkie with me at 3am!! Friday, we plan on just relaxing and taking in a few sights and maybe a show. We have a guest visiting us as well who will be traveling along with us. It's Mr. Gnome! I'll have to share more with you about the Mr. Gnome project I'm participating in. It's so much fun! Mr. Gnome has already had a few adventures here including a ride along with the CHP! Anyway, more about that later and maybe some photos to boot! See ya in a few days!

Friday, September 08, 2006


What do you say about someone you've never met, but who obviously meant so much to so many people? On this September 11th, I decided to participate in a blog rememberance and tribute to victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The gentleman you see in the photo is John T. Schroeder. He was from Hoboken, New Jersey and died in the World Trade Center. He was 31 years old. After reading many tributes, and entries into guestbooks about John, it is obvious in 31 short years, he accomplished so much and most importantly loved and was loved by so many people. It's such a shame that his life was taken when it was really just beginning. Mostly from reading entries into guestbooks about John, I learned that not only was John's life cut much to short, but it has left a hole in many peoples lives. This is why the rest of us can never forget the events and tragedies of September 11th. We owe it to those who lost their lives and those who are missing them. I know that I will remember John in particular every year on September 11th along with the others, but I will also be thinking of their families as well.